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Angelina's Indigestion Part II By SweetTastyPrey

Running out of options, Angelina was left with deciding whether to be caught with her boyfriend inside her and face prison time or consume her nurse friend Serena and hope for the best that her belly digests them properly. Obviously, the choice was a tasty white fox that could’ve reported her for eating someone. Now the two rest in the belly of a deer and only time will tell if Angelina will continue to face indigestion or be a free walking doe, digesting away her worries!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago

It's kinda mean to eat your friend into to conceal a secret.. then again if she's turning her in for this than what kind of friend is she?


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 1 year ago

Idk, beats me. Serena just does what's right I guess. Tbh I kind of wish I didn't do this part and I almost wasn't going to at the time, but guilty pleasures kicked in. :/


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago

Oh okay :/ But guilty pleasures are why any of us do anything related to vore yeah? X3


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 1 year ago



Posted by Gabriel0813 1 year ago

Well sucks to be the nurse


Posted by soulshifter 1 year ago

it would be interesting to see the nurse eat her friends. boy friend whale in the belly to fix the problem


Posted by Cowrie 7 months ago

While this is great stuff, you do know that the term buck strictly means a MALE deer, right?


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 7 months ago

Oh oops. :/
My bad I shall correct that! Thanks! :)


Posted by Cowrie 7 months ago

You're welcome! :)


Posted by zarpaulus 3 months ago

Given Serena doesn’t look like deer shit in the later pics I’m guessing somebody found them and cut her out in time.

And Angelina was banished to the forest for her crimes.


Posted by SweetTastyPrey 3 months ago

Lol that's an interesting way of tying my stuff into an episodic story! XD

Normally a lot of my works are just scenario drawings, but for the sake of continuity lets just say Angelina felt guilty for eating her friend and let Serena out and continued her prey eating habits in the forest.

Though you could use your theory if you want as my work can always be my viewer's interpretation. :)