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An Unexpected Journey (Animation) By BlueBlaze95 -- Report

Uploaded: 3 years ago

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Twilight assists in Trixies new show. but she never quite knew just what she had signed up for!

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Since I've been asked so much, the sounds at the end are just RD flying into a horse butt. Just added it because I thought it was funny :P

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Posted by HisashiHinata 3 years ago Report

Great animation! One question though. What were those sounds at the end?


Posted by Hagen 3 years ago Report

yeah great work but i was like "huh" about the sound choice


Posted by VorishFoxie 3 years ago Report

Amazing work as always! Very impressive to see some same size content showing the whole process the whole time! Usually people cut away from it but this shows it all ^^

Hope to see more like this, keep up the great work!


Posted by BlueBlaze95 3 years ago Report

Thank you, Same size is always a big challenge to let the viewer see as much as possible and still make it look right. AV is much easier than oral to keep same size since you can hide it behind flanks X3


Posted by Derpity 3 years ago Report

Wow your video animations are looking better and better


Posted by BlueBlaze95 3 years ago Report

Thank you ^^


Posted by PegaSUS 3 years ago Report

Amazing job on this one; probably your most dynamic video yet! Haven't seen partial digestion before that just left out the tail; pretty neat, haha. Those expansion shots were golden, too. :D

Got lost with those sounds at the end, though. I'm assuming it has something to do with Pinkie and one unseen pony. :P

(Just a presentation nitpick—during panning shots, the camera freezes in place right before the screen blacks out. Is there a way to fix that, like slowing down to a halt or fading away before it stops?)


Posted by BlueBlaze95 3 years ago Report

Thank you ^^ Really tried to put the new animation technique to some use with more actual movement around the scene. Didn't turn out too bad in my opinion X3.
As for the Freezing camera I can see what you mean and I'll definitely try and reduce that in the next video ^^


Posted by LightSpeed 3 years ago Report

Heehe, awesome Animation. ^.^

Did you get my note asking about commission? owo


Posted by dennis9966 3 years ago Report



Posted by SplitterPic 3 years ago Report

really nice work ^^
i like the expressions a lot ^^


Posted by BlueBlaze95 3 years ago Report

Thank you ^^


Posted by SkittyMint 3 years ago Report

and we all continue to have no idea what all those sounds at the end of the video was~


Posted by BlueBlaze95 3 years ago Report

Pony + Horse = Stuffed Horse


Posted by ilbv 2 years ago Report



Posted by BlueBlaze95 2 years ago Report

As of about 2 days ago, yes XD


Posted by galaxylove 1 year ago Report

Trixie should had little more growth after that meal and magic boost!