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Awwkwwaaard... By Frakass

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Tags: Belly Breasts Bulge Chidikarella Bliiss Elf erect nipples F/M Golden Elves hiding Implied Digestion large breasts Pipella Bliiss pool vore belly Edit

One Tag Per Line!

"Food or Friend?
Clarify the situation with your fellows as soon as possible!"
(Ttrucillian inter-planetary social regulation service - Golden Elves guide to Earth, page 1, chapter 1)

Another collab between Bright and I : This time, Bright came with the plot, I drew it and he colored it...

Enjoy ;-)

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Posted by nnn4463 11 months ago

How was she to know he wasn't food?


Posted by Zego21 11 months ago

i know the girl got needs but, that wasn't very nice


Posted by vegeta002 11 months ago

Then someone points to the 'no vore in the pool' sign and accidentally outs her...

Seriously, she's about to cry. The guide should include explaining the mistake or trying to find a way fix it.


Posted by blackmichi 11 months ago

Oral anal or unbirth? i dont get it xD


Posted by Frakass 11 months ago

Golden Elves are usually purely oral preds... But you're free to imagine what you prefer ;-)


Posted by blackmichi 11 months ago

okeeeey D:


Posted by Indighost 11 months ago

♥♥♥ I love those cute awkward moments!


Posted by dcvfgb1234 11 months ago

Really lovely situation.
Would it be too late for her to regurgitate him?


Posted by Frakass 11 months ago

Because of Golden Elves physiology, it's indded too late to do anything : They got a very efficient "non-return" oesophagus that help them to haul a catched prey to their stomach, stomach that then very strongly lock the prey in (and where almost the whole digestion process takes place, unlike in human beings).
As a matter of fact, if any part of a body is catch in a Golden Elf oesophagus, amputation is probably the last -and only- resort...


Posted by MasterGryph 11 months ago

Somehow, I doubt anyone would cry over amputating a golden elf's esophagus.


Posted by Frakass 11 months ago

LOL ^^
(you'll just probably get your both arms stuck inside as a result, by the way)


Posted by MasterGryph 11 months ago

...Okay, it wasn't much of a joke, but that just does not follow.


Posted by dcvfgb1234 11 months ago

So they can't vomit? Not even voluntarily?


Posted by Frakass 11 months ago

Indeed (By the way, the ability to vomit is not that common in animals)

Comment deleted by its author.


Posted by Bleary 11 months ago

That's...really sad actually. Poor elf lady.


Posted by N7Slayer 11 months ago

This is sad and cute all at once. Why must you inflict me with these mixed emotions?

But seriously, this a fabulous piece. Love the setting and scenario. Your art is still on par as ever. Good job :)


Posted by testuser 11 months ago

Wah wah wah waaaaah


Posted by Gloom 11 months ago

All too late now~


Posted by Razgriz 11 months ago

won't even spit him out! how rude.


Posted by greenknight98 11 months ago

Yup, definitely would be an odd visit by Gil to that Belgium. :P Hard time explaining to any Goldies that she wasn't trying to eat people she clings to.


Posted by Reiko 11 months ago

Gorgeous as always, nothing is as sexy to me as a predator trying to hide her gut! x3


Posted by b5n 11 months ago

part 2 where she eat her


Posted by Umhuebr 10 months ago

Roger roger


Posted by b5n 10 months ago



Posted by neko1992 11 months ago

Seems your elfs are like me were once a meal is sawolled you cant escape except with me if you have a anchor point to the out side then you can "if it dont break"


Posted by Moebius 11 months ago

I love all of this <3


Posted by EmpDarkshadow 11 months ago

Oh no :)


Posted by Sarus 11 months ago

I love this on so many levels...
Of all your universes/stories, that's definitely my favorite!
Super taf !


Posted by Ezio45 10 months ago

bad friend tell her! XD befor it to late. otherwise she going to know u warther have food. loce the story tho