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"Congratlations Gerna," the dark elf heard a voice from the dreamlike void around her. Looking around, she spotted a somewhat crumpled stack of papers. "You have been chosen... to *share* in this power." The voice was feminine, and much as she expected from a certain member of the pantheon. "You have 800 points to spend. Choose wisely..."


Luna emerged from the dragon's cave and struck out southward into the wilde

After locking in her final selections, Luna's sight began fading to white.

She wasn't entirely satisfied with her choices but felt pressured to pick traits which would allow her to fulfil her mission, and ones that could provide opportunities to shirk it - or at least provide a safe place for her and whatever allies she could get if that proved unwise. She couldn't push too hard against this deity while she was outside of reality like this...


Luna looked around, but the entity had yet to show itself. "OK, to start with, I don't have that kind of power."

That can be remedied.

The werewolf continued, "If so, then you don't need
for that. If you wanted to destroy your world, you could do that yourself could

In a run-down section of the city, there was a bit of a commotion. Not a panic, just a commotion - full of grumbling, questions under passerby's breath, and long and strange looks.

The cause of this was one Luna Ferre, working woman currently on her day off. She'd decided to try doing something that she expected to cause a reaction like this, but wanted to see how bad the reaction would be, and whether it would counteract how go

My name is Cece, young warrior of the Steppes. And I did not expect to wake up next to a wooded lake I'd never seen before.
I'd preferred the storyteller's tales about delving deep into dungeons and back over the ones about battles in the open. But I didn't need to be an expert to realize that this was nowhere near where I was. The trees were a completely different kind, for one thing.
Plus, the sky being the color of something's insides. And me without anything I could use to f

The dream was different this time. The Star still shone from above, but this time I was on solid ground. Miniature trees and the Apdale castle surrounded me on a small island adrift in a void like the last one. The Pseudodragon was nearby as well, seemingly asleep.
Looking around for possible clues, I note another island in the distance. I can't make out much detail from here - it just looks like a lump of rock.
In any case, it's time for me to prepare for next time. There's a bi

I was floating in a dark and cloudy void. Above me, a single star pierced through. It was small, but something about it seemed familiar...
It was that time again. I was Alyn the Adept, and now was when I readied my spells for the next day. Normally I would select things that were useful for my work in the church, such as Purification of food and drink or a basic healing spell. But now I would need spells that would be useful in a fight. Why, if I'd had a Sleep spell handy, I could have h

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MasterGryph's Blog - Back on Track Posted 3 years ago

Well, I was inspired to write again recently, and am pursuing a kind of story I haven't seen here often.

I have a basic outline and ending to this series in mind, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to suggestions and additions. So, if anyone has something they really want to see, feel free to ask here. I can't promise anything, but I'm sure you've got plenty of good ideas yourselves.

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