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The show was nearing its climax. Pop idol Q-Teez was bouncing around stage to the tune of her latest single, a lithe, energetic performance on par with her backup dancers even while her sugar-sweet voice belted out the usual nonsense lyrics. Finally, the last chord struck and she held a pose as the music transitioned to another song, just a steady buildup. The crowd collectively gasped and cheered as they realized what it was.
"THAT'S RIGHT, HONEYS! IT'S TIME FOR A VERY SPECIAL SEGMENT OF THIS SHOW! Who all is brave enough to volunteer?"
As the crowd smooshed even closer to the stage, Lana turned to her date Kei with a puzzled expression. "Wait, what's going on? Why's everyone so excited?"
"It's Q-Teez's special live concert bit. It's super unique and kind of crazy. I'm surprised you came not knowing about it. You signed the waiver, right?"
"Yeah, of course. Is that why this is an 18+ show?" To that end, Q-Teez was actually removing her hot pink booty shorts right on stage, making quite a show of it while people in the front clamored to be picked as volunteers. Stagehands reeled out a big, comfortable looking reclining chair and positioned it facing the side of the stage that had stairs up from the main floor.
Kei explained without taking his eyes off the stage. "Yeah. Q-chi invites a pair of audience members onto the stage and asks them to trust each other." He used the idol's cute fan-name, revealing his loyalty to the young starlet. "Then she sings 'Your Forever' while feeding one of them into her... uh... her vagina." Kei was blushing at saying it aloud.
"Wait, she unbirths someone from the audience? On stage? That's so hot!"
Kei nodded while adjusting his pants. They were still a few rows of people back, but their view had gotten much better as audience members had packed themselves as close as possible to the stage entrance. He and Lana could see the glistening moisture of Q-Teez's slit as she reclined in the chair. With one hand, she tossed the panties she'd just removed into the crowd, causing a mini panic where it landed. With her other hand, she teased the frontmost audience members by spreading her nether lips apart and massaging them. The microphone picked up the lusty squelching noises as the build-up to 'Your Forever' continued.
"So... what happens to the person she schlicks? Does she let them out? Does she... keep them?" Lana wasn't hiding her own arousal at this point, biting her lip and not-discreetly digging one hand down her pants. Meanwhile, Q-Teez had picked out her two volunteers; it was a young couple in matching pink Q-Teez T-shirts, holding hands.
"That's the interesting part. She has two volunteers, right? Oh, actually, it looks like she's going to explain it now."
Indeed, the build-up in the song had reached a pause, clearly looping so that Q-Teez could talk over it. She let a few more pleasureful moans escape as she teasingly kept the crowd waiting, to say nothing of the couple that was standing there somewhat awkwardly removing their shoes on stage in front of the bottomless pop star, flanked by stage hands doubling as security guards. But soon thereafter, she began her speech.
"You two are already holding hands. Perfect! Wonderful! I'm soooo ready to get it on here!" She turned her head to the audience. "ARE YOU ALL READY FOR THIS?" The crowd cheered excitedly again. "Let's play a little trust game, then!" The excited crowd cheered some more.
"I'll let you in on a little secret," the sexy singer stage-whispered as she stretched her legs out one at a time. "This is the best part of my show. Even I've been looking forward to it all day! Which one of you cuties is going to be the diver?"
The shorter of the couple in pink shirts, a guy with close-cropped haircut and skinny jeans, stepped forward and raised his off hand, waving it nonchalantly at the crowd, which continued cheering with incredible energy. Kei noticed that the guy never took his eyes off Q-Teez's revealed nether regions the whole time, and didn't blame him. Even having seen this act multiple times before online and in different venues, it was often censored, or angled wrong. Even when it wasn't, a vantage point like that was afforded to precious few people.
Q-Teez reached a foot out and lazily used it to beckon the couple forward as she resumed talking to the audience. "So in case any of y'all don't know this already, this cutie has volunteered to get willingly swallowed up by my sweet, innocent little pussy!" Kei wondered how much Lana was reading into the ironic chuckles in the crowd. "And the other one here is just gonna HOLD ON!" The volunteer couple raised their held hands again to illustrate. "Soooooo, when the diver's in past his head in my juicy li'l love tunnel, that's where we hit a turning point! Howww much do you trust your partner here?"
The couple shrugged, smiling. A stagehand held a mic to the diver. "I trust Casey with my life."
"Ooooh, you're a brave one. Then how about you, Casey? Are you gonna let go? Or pull him back out?"
Casey, the other half of the couple, shrugged coyly and kept mum.
"You don't haaaaave to hold on, y'know. You're not even gonna want him back after he's enjoyed himself alllll over my insides! It's cool, I skipped lunch. I'd be glad to take him off your hands!"
The banter went on a little longer, as Q-Teez taunted and tempted the diver while his partner just grinned impassively. Lana, who was pressed so hard against Kei in the crowd that her breasts sandwiched his upper arm, shouted into his ear. "So what happens? Does the person let go, or does their partner pull them out?"
Kei shrugged, the sensation of Lana's chest rising with his gesture contributing just a little more to the sexually-charged atmosphere. "It could go either way. Depends on how close the couple is. Maybe it's a loyalty test for the diver. A lot of times the partner is just along to play the part, while the diver's really just a fan who wants Q-chi to make their dream come true. I think she tries not to pick fake couples, but, y'know. The longer this bit goes on, the more she finds people who wanna feed themselves to her."
"That's so fuckin' hot. I wish I could do that."
Kei didn't have the guts to ask whether she wanted to be like Q-Teez or the volunteers. But her question had kind of triggered his fanboy, so he continued explaining. "There are some couples that have done it before and switched roles the second time. And a couple people who came back to another show after getting pulled out and got picked again. Nobody's made it out a second time. They say once you've been to heaven, Earth is never the same."
"I wonder how she picks the couples."
"I dunno. Sometimes I think she goes for a couple she thinks she can break up. Oh, but that reminds me, something crazy happened at a couple shows recently. It started with this one couple, they got to the point where the handler is supposed to let go or pull the diver out, but, like, the diver reaches up with his other hand and grabs his handler by the forearm and pulls her in, too! So then Q-Chi is hella turned on and she just schlicks up the other person too! And if you watch the video, you can tell that at first she's, like, confused, but she goes through with the chorus to the part where she holds the mic up to her belly even though her belly is like twice the size and hella wriggling. And you can hear the two of them fucking in there, both of them totally goddamn getting it on INSIDE of her, so she just shrugs and fucking jacuzzis them both."
"Ohhh, god," comments Lana, who's clearly nearly climaxed already, while the volunteer on stage right now has just barely lifted up his first foot to get a few toes into Q-Teez's very primed snatch. "This show is fucking amazing, I had no idea what I was signing up for."
"Yeah, totally. Can you believe it? Not only does she pussy-vore strangers on stage, but she's powerful enough to take two at a time. No wonder she's gotten so popular lately. Everyone on the fan boards just keeps wondering about when the next 'double destiny' is gonna be. There have been a couple more copycat couples, and people are, like, doing analysis on if it's getting more common, and forming betting pools for when it'll happen next."
At this point, the volunteer diver had fed his whole foot into Q-Teez's snatch and was resting his weight mostly on his partner, to compensate for the odd angle. The singer herself, despite being in a reclining position and also clearly in a state of near-ecstasy, was doing a pretty good job of hitting almost all of her notes in "Your Forever" as the volunteer's leg probed deeper and deeper into her accommodating slit.
As Q-Teez's labia started lapping at the man's knee, he leaned the rest of his weight backwards in order to lift his other foot up and feed it in alongside the first. The stagehands helped Casey bear the burden of the quickly-disappearing dude. Meanwhile, all around Kei, the crowd at the side of the stage was slowly encroaching forward to as close as security would let them get. Some had phones out and recording video, which was against the rules, but security was powerless to really stop them while merely holding the crowd at bay.
Soon, 'Q-chi' had taken in the dude up past waistline, while hers bulged surprisingly less than it seemed like it should. When it came to the second chorus, she made a show of slowly hooking her legs around her prey, under his back and squeezing tight. Then she, rather theatrically, pushed back on the his partner's torso with the balls of her feet, playing at trying to separate them already. Casey the partner held tight with little trouble, but fell back a couple feet. In the process, the half-engulfed dude ended up getting pulled back out quite a ways, which revealed something interesting. Somehow, Q-Teez's snatch had held onto his pants, releasing his totally-sprung cock into plain view. Q-Teez's faux-shocked expression was cut short by a big yelp of pleasure. Casey had quickly shoved the dude's exposed junk right back into Q-Teez's after regaining balance.
Still, the pop star was doing a better job of holding her composure than many in attendance, including the dude, who was long beyond words by the time her pussy lips were starting to grab hold of his damp pink T-shirt. Kei had also finally run out of things to say, and was simply struggling to reach his throbbing member discretely. Lana shocked him when she managed to reach around and thrust a hand below his waistband to do the same, even more shamelessly.
You could tell the volunteer couple were big fans because the remainder of the diver's insertion was practically timed to follow the rhythm of the music. Pretty soon, Casey's shoulders were nearly brushing up against the inner thighs of Q-Teez's outstretched legs, because so little of the lucky victim remained outside of the idol's body. With the ravenous slit folding over his shoulders, the couple leaned together for a passionate kiss. It ended when the movements of Q-Teez's vaginal muscles tore him away from his partner and sealed tight over his face. Only his right forearm was left, hands joined tightly wrist-to-wrist with Casey. The crowd roared with approval.
For the bridge of "Your Forever" in the 'special' live version, Q-Teez held a mic to her distended abdomen and flexed a little in time with the music so the whole crowd could hear her prey moan with pleasure, more or less in time with the music. She provided a few noises of her own, too. Casey, whose partner now depended entirely on their bond, was trying to look a bit more impartial but still clearly aroused beyond any normal degree.
Finally, the moment of truth arrived. Q-Teez belted out the lyrics with relish: "There's only one way, it's now or never / The truth is now, it's your foreverrr!" Kei was on edge waiting to see whether it was a churn or a return, or better yet, the fabled double destiny... when something completely unexpected happened.
It was near-impossible to see in realtime, but at that exact moment, Casey leaned back and hooked an arm around both security guards, then dove forward, pulling them along as the submerged volunteer dude's remaining limb vanished into the idol's insides, still gripping his partner. At seemingly the same time, the crowd surged forward from behind Kei and Lana, giving them no choice but to spill forward along with the flow. The surge caught the remaining security completely off-guard, bowling them backwards towards the action in center stage.
"Ohhh, fuuuuuuuuck!" came the all-too-pleased voice of the voracious pop idol, as her pussy gorged itself on not just both of her two volunteers, but the upper halves of the two more full-sized adults that Casey had snagged in the process. But that wasn't all. The forward-most member of the crowd had spilled all the way over to the space between Q-Teez's widespread thighs. Being the kind of person who would be at the front of this concert to begin with, the nigh-deleriously aroused fanboy merely shoved at the hapless stagehands' lower halves, delivering them the rest of the way into the moist, pink tunnel.
Lana had somehow been pushed ahead of Kei, so she was now somehow next behind the frontmost fan. To Kei's absolute amazement, she just leaned forward and thrust herself against that fanboy's body just as Q-chi's pussy closed over the stagehands' ankles. The fanboy's hands were plunged into the expanding vaginal opening, and soon the surging of the crowd pushed forward yet more, ensuring the rest of the fanboy's body soon followed.
Lana was next, as she lost her balance and tumbled headfirst into what was starting to seem more like a bottomless pit than a bottomless pop star. Kei was tugged unceremoniously forward as he realized that Lana had never fully relinquished her hold on his dick. At this point, it wouldn't have mattered either way, because the overzealous crowd had already been wrapped up in this new development and had started pushing forward in waves. Was it a game of chicken? Behind Kei, he vaguely felt two or maybe three pairs of hands get caught in Q-Teez's wild contractions while pushing him, and the speed with which he was plunged deeper into the tunnel of sex suggested the pattern was only accelerating. Ultimately it didn't matter much to Kei as his senses were overwhelmed with the sultry juices of his idol and compounded by collisions with his date.
Q-Teez was experiencing anything beyond what she, maybe anyone, had felt before. She was no longer sure where she ended and crowd began, but she welcomed the undulating waves of humanity deep, deep into her body and rode nonstop orgasms until, at last, the torrent of humanity petered out. Struggling mightily, she squeezed again, and at long last felt her labia majora return to a semblance of their natural position; she licked her lips in satisfaction as she sealed closed over a vaginal meal of untold size. She felt mountainous.
Gradually, Q-Teez became aware that there was still quite a crowd around her, though the people who remained were backed up to a very safe distance. Moreover, they were chanting. "Do it! Do it!" She smiled. Willingly or not, when she felt this turned on, there was only one possible outcome. It began with a gurgle, and a squishing; soon, it was a roar of sloshing. Her vaginal lips soon released their seal to unleash an alarming amount of cum. Though the backing track was long since over, she finished it off with the final chorus.
"I will beeeeee.... yourrrrr forrrrreverrrrrrr!"
* * *
"Well, we don't have an exact number, but word from bag check on unclaimed belongings, corroborated by missing person reports and similar, means you liquified probably over five hundred people at the event," Q-Teez's agent explained.
"Hot damn," commented one of her backup dancers who'd miraculously avoided the chaos, and perhaps more miraculously, stuck around for future shows. "Five hundred of your most loyal fans? Keep that up and you won't have anyone left to buy your records pretty soon!"
"The good news is," said the agent, "this whole thing made so much news that your record sales were actually up 700% in the week following the the incident. Though," she added, straightening her glasses, "it does stand to reason that at some point you'll run out of fans if you make a habit of going on rampages like that."
"Heyyy, you guys say it like it was myyyy fault. But they totally dove into my pussy on their own! I was just accommodating them with some well-deserved fan service!!"
"Indeed, that's certainly how we're pushing it legally. We really are fortunate we had everyone sign the waivers."
"I'm telling youuu, not just legalllly, but reallyyy!"
"Uh huh," said the backup dancer.
"Well, if this kind of 'fan service' becomes your new brand, it should be a very interesting ride."
"I wonder how many volunteers I could get for huge tug 'o war. Or maybe a conga line... Oooooh, I've never sung a conga..."
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finally finished this one i had started from a while ago

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Posted by JackHere 2 years ago Report

500 whole fans, damn that's awesome! Great story


Posted by anonymous19999 2 years ago Report

glad you liked it and thanks for commenting


Posted by AndAnotherOne 2 years ago Report

500 seems unrealistic naturally, but mass vore is absolutely incredible when is NOT a giantess or Macro/Micro. Congratulations, this story gets a favorite! Wonder how big she got... Lol


Posted by anonymous19999 2 years ago Report

in a story like this, whos to say whats unrealistic? 500s a ice number. =) glad u liked it


Posted by VincentShadowScale 1 year ago Report

Good feast~


Posted by pericles 1 year ago Report

Damn it! More than fucking story! I do not know why I got excited by reading this story. I bet the 500 fans were very happy in their final moments ... For them it must have been an honor to be dissolved from the vagina of their idol and expelled by her pleasure. I even had a little wish too ... kkkkkkkk. I love this site I'm Brazilian and I'm the only person in my country with this fetish.


Posted by KalebAdvent 9 months ago Report

I love when the names tie in to what they're knkwn for. Q-Chi is certainly no exception. Over five hundred in that coochie, damn. That's something not most can boast.


Posted by KalebAdvent 9 months ago Report

known* whoops