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Grand Galloping Gorge By Bizarrvore -- Report

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It's a well known fact of life that alicorns require frighteningly large amounts of energy to sustain themselves, both for their magical capabilities and their longevity. The quickest, easiest, and by far most enjoyable way for them to obtain this energy is by consuming other living creatures whole and alive. However, for the sake of their subjects, the majority of whom do not want to be devoured alive, they refrain from doing so. They instead subsist on enough food to feed a family of four in a single sitting at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as the occasional willing offering.

There is one night every year, however, where they put aside all such inhibitions and indulge themselves. That night is the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, the single biggest social event of the year. Anypony who's anypony is sure to attend, and all of them are on the princesses menu. From the highest noble to a lowest commoner, all have an equal chance of winding up as princess pudge by the end of the night. Everypony knows this and the majority of attendees would rather not end up padding out the royal flanks, but they can't just NOT go, it's the Grand Galloping Gala! The single biggest social event of the year! And so every year, hundreds of ponies attend, and quite a few are sent to gurgly ends within the princesses guts.

Here we see Luna at the very first Gala since her return, having already packed away almost twenty guests despite only being two hours into the Gala. This is a much higher rate of consumption than normal; Celestia will typically only devour twenty guests over the course of the entire night, keeping only four to six ponies filling out her gut at a single time, stuffing more down her throat as the current occupants are processed into mush. But this being Luna's first gala since her return from banishment, the princess of the moon is simply unable to help herself. Despite being unable to move, she'll cram at least twenty more ponies down her greedy gullet as the night goes. It was quite a night to remember, especially when she devoured the entire band performing music for the Gala!

This short story was put together by Blissey

Commission for  Bliss

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Posted by Stalbon 2 years ago Report

Impossibly huge bellies are the best, quite frankly! I love the look of this, and the added sound effects are delightful. :)


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 2 years ago Report

All hail the glorious moon Gut!


Posted by Bliss 2 years ago Report

the best way to hail the glorious moongut is by offering yourself to it!


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 2 years ago Report

Who says I didn't? I was first in line~


Posted by Gone 2 years ago Report

Good lord this is good. I personally like the look of celestia better, massive bellies like Luna's aren't great for me but that belch really nails it home in terms of love~


Posted by cedricc666 2 years ago Report

I am willing to offer myself for the glory of the moon! ^^