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Kimiryn Breast Vore By Aesir

Uploaded: 10 months ago

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Almost forgot to post this commission for Kirilyn~

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Posted by MidNightOwlArt 10 months ago

Awesome job on this!!
Love the smooth coloring and shading that you do with your drawings it looks so alive! ^__^

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Posted by mthekiller362 10 months ago

Awesome!!! This looks awesome

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Posted by Monkiko 10 months ago

nice art mi amigo!! Very nice indeed :PP
Ik you probs don’t do requests but Android 21 from FighterZ is lookin pretty smexy *nudge nudge*
Love ur art btw

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Posted by Goblingobler 10 months ago

Ahhhh <3 I love the expressions! Of both the pred and the prey, the pred looks super pleased with her self, while Prey(left is lost in bliss) and prey(right) is just concerned XD

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Posted by HungryAL 10 months ago

I like how the redhead is waiting for a second turn, or is just wishing the pred would hurry up already.

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Posted by tanosia 10 months ago

love it!!

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Posted by Pixel 10 months ago

So great! You do wonderful breast vore, encore! encore!

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Posted by Sauronus 10 months ago


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Posted by rojo55 10 months ago

That hanging cum looks great

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Posted by Altessia 10 months ago

Oh gosh! It's so wonderful and I never knew when it got posted properly and could be gushed about! I roleplay with the commissioner and this is a scene we want/plan/are in the process of finishing! It's been a lot of fun and Aesir is godly at making it viewable by you all!

Tamara's the redhead straddling all the elven girls! She's my current main character and very pleased with her girls. ^^

Kimiryn belongs to Kirilyn, she's a half-elf (Sort of) who has a giant fetish for breast expansion and play! She considered lipples for this scene!

On the left, succumbing to her fate, is my former main, Altessia! In the storyline depicted, she's the sub for Tamara and consents to anything she wants.

..In this case, she's gonna be boob for awhile!

On the right, looking like she's ready to yank herself away, is Kirilyn herself! Ravished and dominated into submission, then fed into a girl's boob, she's very much the one most leery about what's happening!

But she'll be a good girl, she wants to be good!

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Posted by ShadesofBlack 10 months ago

Your telling us of the characters and their roles in this makes the picture even better to enjoy!

And quite bluntly, the picture is phenomenal! So many sexy things all going on, and all of the feelings and mental states lovely to see on everyone's faces.

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Posted by Altessia 10 months ago

Aesir rocked it ^^

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Posted by brindring 9 months ago

I'll second this!

Kimiryn's smug look is so fantastic, it makes me want to be her next victim!

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