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Jacuzzi surprise By soline -- Report

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As a lifeguard it's your sworn responsibility to keep bathers safe. That becomes a little tricky when she's on the other side of a huge pool.

It gets even harder when only the pregnant redhead climbs out before you get there, and there's no trace of the other woman....she was pregnant right?


More old doodles, this one's probably a good two years old. An attempt at the whole 'slightly changed sequential image' style Cownugget and various eastern artists do so well.

I was considering a...fairly graphic internal for that last shot too (Hint: there's a reason there's no bulgy handprints...glorp)

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Posted by dagar 2 years ago Report

Yay! New things from Soline <3


Posted by SpaceHump 2 years ago Report

Ohhhhh, would have been kinda fun to see just how she got pulled under the water though, seeing as they're quite far apart from each other.


Posted by Drazelleverse 2 years ago Report

Their legs aren't...


Posted by Altimos 2 years ago Report



Posted by Drazelleverse 2 years ago Report

For old work, this is league's better than the art from you i remember. Keep being awesome.


Posted by razorbacknod 2 years ago Report

Oh wow this is amazing~!

Fantastic job!


Posted by leoze 2 years ago Report

Now i'm curious about that "alternative version" of the last shot


Posted by Groblek 2 years ago Report

Ooh, fun! I’ve always been fond of a jacuzzi as the setting for an unbirh scene.


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Me too! I think one of the earliest stories I read and loved involved a woman in a jacuzzi/hotspring setting unbirthing all the feeder fish available. It's just such a fun 'casual' setting.


Posted by Groblek 1 year ago Report

Oh, I think I remember that story! That was back in the Yahoo group days, I think. (As I date myself a bit). It was a fun one.


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Oh that's okay, I remember the Vore-tex days haha. I'm sure I saved that story somewhere though, might have to upload it to the forums if I can find it, re-share it with the world :p.


Posted by TheTastefulGentlman 1 year ago Report

Found it on this site:


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

:O Thank you! I had no idea it was by Radijs!


Posted by JohnnyB 1 year ago Report

i really like the concept of this


Posted by Apostolos 1 year ago Report

I’ll just keep to thinking that she can regress the woman extremely quickly instead of a fatal viewpoint