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Nymph Giantess By Scaylid00d -- Report

"For eons I have watched over these waters. I shoulder the lonesome duty of preserving its essence. I breathe life into the great lake, so that it may bear life of its own. My purpose is clear, my existence simple and unwavering. Such it was, before my dignified solitude came to an interesting pause.

The little ones, they are such peculiar things. They intrigue me. They come bearing my being's shape, but not its permanence. They are many, small, and difficult to discern. For centuries they have paid me visit, and for centuries, I have eaten them, swallowed them. Alive and whole, I consume them as they are.

Curiously, the small ones wish it of me. They ask to be devoured, to be contained within my own being. Such unusual little things. They all bear the gift of speech. Such a blessing is not bestowed unto other creatures of the wild, or upon beings such as myself. More so, I had not conceived a need to consume the way wild creatures do. My form does not demand it.

I cannot communicate the way they do, therefore I cannot question of them why. Mercifully, I do not wish to. They have made a custom of me, and I do not mind it. I have become a ceremony they eagerly participate in.

The "ceremony" is simple. First, I sense their arrival. Every step their tiny forms take in the lake's waters, I can feel. Theirs is not of intrusion. It feels good to the water, and therefore to me.
Slowly, I arise from the glossy veneer to face my new visitors. A few moments of calm acknowledgement pass. It is then, they ask my permission to enter into my body.

I gently nod to submit, and open my maw, drawing my tongue forth. Carefully, one by one, these strange little beings climb up into my mouth. Upon their soft pushing and straining against the back of my throat, I aid them with a tender gulp. I repeat this until the squirming little figure disappears down my throat. They leave a ticklish bulge along my neck, and finally sink away deep down inside of me.

Eventually a whole group is wedged together within my stomach. I can always feel them in there. They wriggle, squirm, twist and writhe, as if they mean to drown in my belly's juices.

I take some time to bask in the daylight, laying in the shallow water where they entered me, absorbing the sensations they grant my body. All the while, they mind themselves within. Hours pass, and more often than not, they climb back out of my maw. A wriggling at the very bottom of my throat signals their desire to leave my dark, slick recesses, and I respond by helping regurgitate them.

Most of these little beings make their way back out of my stomach, some even emerge from... another place. Others though, never return from my body at all. Should I suspect they have succumbed to my stomach's trials, I slowly sink back down again, to dwell in the lake's comforting depths, until the next visitors grant me their arrival.

I do not claim to understand the little ones. I do suspect they believe my stomach grants them health, but then I understood my belly's juices bestow them strength. My newest visitors spoke of a magical corrosive resistance, while those before talked of a simple trial of endurance. It seems they have many uses for me.

What an odd thing for me to do. Yet, I find them endearing. I look forward to their company more and more, but, I pray I don't accidentally eat them all one day... I would miss them too much~.

... Lest I forget, occasionally the small beings ask to enter my sex. Whatever they seek in there, may they always find it ❤"

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

This started as a quick warm-up sketch that I touched up a bit! C: I haven't drawn size-difference often, giantesses even less so.

With the nymph's monologue in the description above, I like to imagine her voice is feminine, slow, and breathy, yet lower in tone, to compliment her size~

Hope you like it!

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Posted by Novaprime 2 years ago Report



Posted by Scaylid00d 2 years ago Report

You know it! ❤ ω ❤


Posted by Novaprime 2 years ago Report

Still say you gotta get around to doing a full digestion comic using those looping around ladies, with those lovely tails


Posted by reliuskaiser 2 years ago Report

I love the way the nymph thinks.


Posted by GinRyuKaza 2 years ago Report

I love the little story attached to this, along with the picture! This was great! ^^


Posted by DragonOFire 2 years ago Report

I love the description for this one~! Amazing picture to fit a wonderful little story~ <3


Posted by leinheart24 2 years ago Report

looks cool :3


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 2 years ago Report

Dats one hot pred ~/3/~


Posted by N7Slayer 2 years ago Report

The temptation is real ^.^


Posted by IndifferentEmpath 2 years ago Report

It's a living.


Posted by abstractCourier 2 years ago Report

I really like this story, I wish I could meet this nymph.~


Posted by PuritySpring 2 years ago Report

What a beautiful artpiece, picture and story combined


Posted by Mortaven 2 years ago Report

X3 Dis lovely pic was already great. That story made it epic @[email protected]


Posted by Cheezycake 2 years ago Report

This is wonderful. Will we be seeing more of her?


Posted by Altimos 2 years ago Report

This was... beautiful...
And as previously stated, FREKLES!!! Need more of it!!!
But seriously, beautiful... it can certainly be turned into a very endearing comic <3


Posted by Zombieflanders 2 years ago Report

Those freckles though
She must be a giant ginger <3


Posted by tails11 2 years ago Report

Cutie giant freckle elfy! She needs a 'lil elf fella to keep her comfy...


Posted by Edward 2 years ago Report

Isn't that a contradiction? During the monologue she says she doesn't have the gift of speech, and then you Scaylid00d writes down about her VOICE. Can she speak or not?


Posted by Edward 2 years ago Report



Posted by vorelover3678 2 years ago Report

I want to enter this cave


Posted by headhunter732 2 years ago Report

This seems like a fantastic idea! Think of all the treasures she must have in her stomach!! Did you see those girls leave town this direction before us? They had some nice booty (haha) that I’d love to get my hands on!

Oh silly girls are silly. Something tells me if this were real on our plane of existence you would not last very long before becoming far on a pred’s backside ;> maybe mine ;D


Posted by Voremen 2 years ago Report

wow. I honestly wish more ppl would put this much effort into their art's descriptions. with every post you make a story from what, at first glance, seems to be just another plain Vore comic. I live it.


Posted by Anubkin32 2 years ago Report

Me next o3o


Posted by deej1011 2 years ago Report

I love the monologuing story with this. And the art looks great too ^^


Posted by maomix 2 years ago Report

This is just the sweetest thing


Posted by Zaxivlon 2 years ago Report

"I aid them with a tender gulp." Beautiful.


Posted by Birichino 2 years ago Report

Aw, she's cute AND accomodating


Posted by Kuja 1 year ago Report

OMG <3 I adore this, also I love the implied full tour in the flavor text.


Posted by dontmindme 1 year ago Report

This was an interesting one, would LOVE to see her with a full belly now >W<


Posted by TanookiBoy12 10 months ago Report

Now I'm really tempted to just, dive down her throat or slide into her sex~