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Level 9(teen) [Hero's Journey 2] By ZeldaNoVorsu

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Recovering from his black out, Link decides he's done with Purah, expelling her from his stomach. He decides to head to Death Mountain and rendezvous with the Hands of Vorensu...
Thanks to everyone who voted last time! I made it a little more complicated than I needed to for myself, but it worked out in the end. The winner was A-1.a). What could Ganon be talking about in the beginning? Could he be referring to something important in a later chapter, like final chapter later? But, how about the Left Hand of Vorensu? I have a feeling I know how the vote's going to end up...

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Posted by Thefiredemongotlost 6 days ago


this story reminds me of one i did yet all the gurdians and the bosses were female as well >3> i even turned 3 guardians into ocs for some odd reason


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 6 days ago

I thought about making the Guardians female hybrids like the monsters, but the way I imagined them was always weird. I decided to instead let Ganon have the Guardians to fight Vorensu's hybrid monsters.


Posted by Thefiredemongotlost 6 days ago

neat im not sure how you would do them and well the way i did them was there blue and red guadians blue were the good and red were the bad guys and depending in what color was what the inside of them looked as well >3> i took a long time detailing them


Posted by derpsquid42 6 days ago

Do I really have a choice? 4, obviously.


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 6 days ago

Of course you have onlyanillusionof a choice. Massage time will have to wait though, it's sleeping time for me (and likely you as well).


Posted by derpsquid42 6 days ago



Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 6 days ago

4 obviously :p


Posted by anema_sesuna 6 days ago

Well dang my dream of purah having to watch another person digest right next to her didn't pan out


Posted by linkever 6 days ago



Posted by RavenousVoid 6 days ago

I vote 4, should be interesting.


Posted by AnonymousLurker 6 days ago



Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 4 days ago

Props to myself for predicting you would rebel.


Posted by AnonymousLurker 4 days ago

Lereb? Hwat od oyu maen yb hatt? Salo nudrk sa kucf ta teh mmotnem nodt esptre em tihw ryou ssaeniin tqioeusns.