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Abigail's Tummy By HipHugger -- Report

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Unlike the other races I draw, the Sisters of Salem are just...human witches. They can't swallow people whole. The human jaw is lame, isn't it? This is upsetting, of course, but they've conceived a solution: Use a spell to shrink down their victim to an easy to swallow, manageable size!

Abigail takes it a step further, however, by reversing the spell once her meal is in her stomach, letting them feel the thrill of being digested at their full human capacity. Oomph.

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Posted by Gabriel0813 7 months ago Report

very nice job


Posted by MidNightOwlArt 7 months ago Report

Honestly i like to see this idea more
Having the prey be small first, swallowed, then grow in the belly to a size of a 9-month baby.
Having the pred feel the prey slowly grow inside as they feel more full by the sec.
Nice pic to btw ^__^


Posted by deej1011 6 months ago Report

I like her a lot ^^


Posted by Journeyman 6 months ago Report

*was born in Salem MA*
I don't remember her being around anywhere!!! ;D


Posted by linthia 6 months ago Report

Awesome idea <3


Posted by SerenaBlaze 6 months ago Report

Oh wow nice !


Posted by thevoremorpher07 6 months ago Report

Ok she is freaking hot, and I love how she goes about her prey... not exactly a fan of micro/giantess, but i am a fan of what she does since she still enjoys having a distended belly afterwords!


Posted by HipHugger 6 months ago Report

Yeah I'm not either usually ^_^ had to find a way to somewhat remedy the situation!


Posted by Bright 6 months ago Report

Love this scenario.


Posted by KinoTheCat 3 months ago Report

I absolutely love the concept of prey being shrunken in order to make them more capable of being eaten, only for the predator to reverse the shrinking process and cause them to swell back out to full size within the stomach. Its such a wonderful concept that isn't done very much at all~


Posted by Birichino 1 month ago Report

She's clever, but a real gambler if she's doing that without superhuman stretchiness.