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Lustful Summoning By Scaylid00d -- Report

One of the many perks of royalty, is having access to any and all forms of masturbatory aides, including rare, or even forbidden sexual treasures.

This Egyptian queen was in heat, and paid little mind to what she inserted into herself. Anything to make the overwhelming erotic surges subside within her. Eventually, she made the fatal mistake of pleasuring herself with an ancient, cursed artifact~...

An ankh; one end shaped to enter any orifice of your choosing, with a studded shaft of silky gel, and a handle made of gleaming precious metal. At first glance it doesn't stand out as anything special, but such deception was intentional. When its corrupted elements taste the lewd secretions of any one person... an ancient serpent of the Old Gods is awoken, irrevocably summoned... It was over for the queen the moment she parted her hungry pussy's lips with the cursed object.

She was blessed with a few precious moments of selfish ecstasy at the hands of her new toy. Distracted, she would not notice the dark snake rise from her bath of milk. This tainted creature of the void had no need to overpower the queen. It constricted her slowly, as she settled into a helpless panic. Her body was weakened and limp from her continual throes of sexual bliss. The most she could muster was a pitiful squirming of her hips, and a series of disgraceful moans.

Not long after this shameful scene here, the queen's voluptuous figure was little more than a shapely bulge along a powerful serpent's body. It disappeared with her writhing form back down into the warm bath of milk, where it forever disappeared back into the void. There, in that heretical dimension, slowly and painfully, it would have digested the poor queen alive.

No one knows where that mysterious sexual artifact is now. Perhaps its appearance has since changed. A wise lesson to take away from this, is to avoid masturbating with rare, cursed relics~! ❤

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This was drawn for one of my Patreon polls! ~^3^~ You can check out that poll's results for free here:

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

Mmmm.. Lovely~ I hope she screamed and squrimed well as it painfully digested her <3


Posted by Handsomekingdedede 2 years ago Report

I hope there’s a part 2 of this


Posted by KaiserDunk 2 years ago Report

Maybe that's what Cleopatra should have reached for instead of an asp!


Posted by KuroWazaRMX 2 years ago Report

Ooh, dat's hawt


Posted by DarkPinkie 2 years ago Report

Well, summoning a hellspawn snake from the void is a pretty good masturbatory aid, going by how your girls usually react to being nommed. I hope miss dessert queen had loads of fun before she got gurgled.


Posted by Bonivital 2 years ago Report

Would love to see a fully swallowed follow up of this :)


Posted by Tarzanwilde 2 years ago Report

Very hot. However, it's really unfair to have just one drawing as the serpent ingests her nude, sweating, well stacked and voluptuous form.


Posted by blessedwasthechild 2 years ago Report

The cute story that went along with it was a really fun touch! I love little occult things like that <3


Posted by ijkdenem 1 year ago Report

Make a few sequels please