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Quietly Digesting By Scaylid00d -- Report

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The bedroom is one of the most likely places for a snake to prey upon you. While asleep, the snake has the complete element of surprise, even as it's in the process of devouring you whole! ❤

The plentiful bulge on the snake's body, pictured here, was one such prey that met this exact fate. As it began to swallow her legs, it may have simply stirred on an erotic dream, or a voracious nightmare that was about to come true~

She had no way of knowing what was happening, until the hungry reptile had swallowed her up to her neck o///o The girl's face was already pressed against a warm wall of salivating flesh by the time she thought to cry out for help. Her screams were now hopelessly muffled and faint, barely louder than the hum of her laptop's fan.

Slowly, her body was strained along the snake's long, tight body, until she settled in its stomach. That's where her plump body will stew for the next few weeks, melting way into a nutritious broth, keeping the snake happy and fed all the while.

Uh oh, looks like this prey had friends?...The snake might have to make some room, or slink away with its gurgling prize and come back later. It's clear that there's plenty to eat here~...

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

A drawing for one of my Patreon polls >:3 Two snake-vore drawings in a row! You can view this poll's results for free on my Patreon here:

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

This is fertile hunting ground


Posted by Kelly 2 years ago Report

Thats one of thw hottest things ever >~< t3


Posted by Uri 2 years ago Report

Little do the other girls know; they're meat on a menu.


Posted by Uri 2 years ago Report

Also, I like the touch with the monitor! Is this you in a parallel universe?! :o


Posted by DRayElliott 2 years ago Report

The Scaylid00d in that universe would probably be into drawing sickening stuff like romance and hand holding, XD.


Posted by jun1337 2 years ago Report

Go for the other two, snake! I'm sure she could use some company while she digests :3


Posted by DoctorDischord 2 years ago Report

That’s gonna be one stuffed snake!


Posted by Siege 2 years ago Report

Wait, if she was asleep, why were her porn tabs open? This is far too much of a stretch for my suspension of disbelief!


Posted by Fischie 2 years ago Report

Absolutely lovely picture and little story. The snake will be stuffed for months with those three.


Posted by TheVoreyeur 2 years ago Report

-logged in as scalyidood on the laptop


Posted by DarkPinkie 2 years ago Report

Oy mister Scalyd00d, seems like Milly hacked your account bro. At least you don't have to worry about her messing it up anymore, but you may want to consider a new password anyway, just in case. ;D


Posted by Awsome57 2 years ago Report

I would love to force the other two into the snake with myself after them~


Posted by Zombieflanders 2 years ago Report

I think we've all woken up and found ourselves inside a snake once or twice.


Posted by Altimos 2 years ago Report

Oh... OH!!! This is freaking great <3 <3 <3
Background characters are totally unaware X3


Posted by PrinnyDood 2 years ago Report

This type of scenario is always fun. ;3

Nice work!


Posted by Farian 2 years ago Report

I’ve indeed. Love the scenario


Posted by Anutae 2 years ago Report

Gosh, waking up to find yourself digesting in hungry snake would be just divine... I would just love to feel those tight walls snug around me, squeezing down to work me away~


Posted by yEeTbOi 1 year ago Report

Snake: *minds its own business*
Prey's friends: *enter room*
Snake: It's go time