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Asuka Strikes! - Puppenfett By Tsavo

Asuka's just about done churning up Ritsuko, but she's looking for an even more filling meal. So she's let herself into the dummy plug plant to empty its contents of squirming meat.

This was a commission for the wonderful  noisekeeper, who carefully coordinated this comic's contents. The comic is based on Noisekeeper's story, Gorge Like You Want To Win. Which you can find below.

I enjoy a lot of the themes going on in this piece, so I had a lot of fun working on it.

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Posted by Rayo 3 weeks ago

Really, I think she should be thankful she only gained "that much" weight after the feast she had


Posted by Flipnotefan96 3 weeks ago

Is this a sequel to something? You said she’s working on what’s left of Totsuki and damned if I can find something that would fit the bill of something before this.


Posted by Flipnotefan96 3 weeks ago

Fuck I meant ritsuko. Why did autocorrect even put Totsuki anyway?


Posted by Tsavo 3 weeks ago

Haha, I knew you what you meant.

This comic is based on Noisekeeper's Gorge Like You Want To Win story.


Posted by Nugget1138 3 weeks ago

Dang everytime I think you can’t top yourself you do, what a wonderful piece to accompany a already great story


Posted by algog8 3 weeks ago

Reading this part of the story was real hot.
Gluttony is love


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 3 weeks ago




Posted by JohnnyF102 3 weeks ago

omg i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(><)


Posted by mthekiller362 3 weeks ago

Lovely pic. I always love overstuffed preds and the outcome


Posted by DB1224 3 weeks ago

I really love both your mass vore belly and your digestion sequence. Great job.


Posted by LoriParaP 3 weeks ago

Love it!♡


Posted by NewRebellion 3 weeks ago

Eh...I'm really of two minds on this pic.

1. I absolutely LOATHE Asuka as a character, though I will admit that she has the right mentality to be a good pred.

2. She TOTALLY gets what was coming to her by the end of this little comic! I really enjoyed seeing that!


Posted by noisekeeper 3 weeks ago

I absolutely love how this picture came out. You always outdo yourself when it comes to drawing all those minute details, especially here with both the belly and background.

Thanks so much again for drawing this Tsavo, it definitely was quite the huge piece to do so I'm glad to hear you had fun working on it!


Posted by algog8 3 weeks ago

And you always outdo yourself when it comes to writing


Posted by Phyllobates 3 weeks ago

I'm always impressed by your shading and coloring. Excellent work

You somehow make the totally unrealistic look feasible, which is not something every artist here can do.


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 3 weeks ago

A true master piece you continue to exceed your own standards.


Posted by Bellyl0ver 3 weeks ago

Fat is not useless, it’s sexy.


Posted by nnn4463 3 weeks ago

Now theres a meal I'd like


Posted by gbrille2215185 3 weeks ago

Oh wow. Wonderful sequence !


Posted by night22 3 weeks ago

Man you and Noisekeeper are a great team


Posted by breasts 3 weeks ago

Brilliant! And I was thinking that you'd made my Kirsty big haha. ;)


Posted by starhotbar 3 weeks ago

nice idea and nice comic..


Posted by Freimgul 3 weeks ago

That sounds like blaming McDonalds for making you fat Asuka. Own your mistakes, and eat healthy. One chick a day is a healthy balanced diet for a teenage girl.


Posted by SamanthaLovesVoring 3 weeks ago

Fantastic pic! your stuff is the best <3


Posted by chaotic123 2 weeks ago

best of the top comic strip i've seen,

Love the huge mass vore of all the Rei's, just wish the ending wasn't asuka not getting fat but regardless is was great


Posted by Hentai7733 2 weeks ago

I have yet to watch Evangelion


Posted by Chrisis 2 weeks ago

Lovely work on expressing a great sense of scale!