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Fun and Games 6 By DarkArtist -- Report

The star player never stood a chance. After he came into her, Night had turned around, becoming rather affectionate with him. He didn't think anything of it, not until he noticed her jaws suddenly part in such a way that couldn't be possible, even for a woman of her size. Before he realized it, the very mouth he kissed up to had engulfed him, nose and head poking into her massive blue throat.

The few, sober and still awake watched in horror, as his screams were muffled by flesh, as he began his decent. Pulsating, blue flesh surrounded him, as he was pulled downward, her heavy breath and heart beat audible all around him in the darkness illuminated only by the dim, unnatural color of her inner flesh and the light outside. It didn't take him long to realize what she was doing or where he was going. But surely, he thought, she couldn't...

Oh but she could. Night was already lifting his ass up. The shock of it making his doom all the more known, and his panic even greater. He kicked wildly, feeling himself slide deeper and deeper. His ass touching her lips, as the first half of him was submerged in liquids and the lack of light. It was only when his head and arms began to enter a much less tight and open space that he could finally use his hands, pressing on the wall in a vain effort to push himself back out. To make his situation worse, he was also weaker as the sex had drained him of alot of his energy.

His screams could be heard easily if anyone was close to her belly. Also audible as his doom became more and more apparent as more of him sunk in as her belly engorged and bulged out as if anticipating its newest meal. His ass was a challenge, but not one Night would shirk away from. His fat cock that had pounded her pussy now was in her mouth, rubbing against her tongue as she tasted his cum stained cock with delight. Her tongue wrapping and licking around it as she engulfed the rest of his ass as it began to make its own decent into the hungry maw of the bat goddess.

And after that, it was easy. His legs descended without effort, as did his calves, and even his feet. She took her time, letting them sink and and gulp them at her own leisure as her belly filled up with the bear she consumed. With a final gulp, all of him had sunk into her massive belly, breasts slightly spilling to the sides as she let out a loud belch of triumph. A grin of satisfaction appearing on her face, as she began her great feast on the football team...

((End of Part 6))

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Posted by Prancer 7 months ago Report

She really is a goddess<3