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Same Size Collection 2 By PonyThroat -- Report

Way back in 2015, I had the idea to doodle a large batch of same size vore drawings as an art pack idea. I never finished, so heres what I made with various different characters.

Starlight and the Gryphons are a sequence.

If you wish to use or color any of these, feel free to do so.

Part 1:

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Gryphons are such good preds~


Posted by PonyThroat 1 year ago Report

Even to each other.


Posted by Skeletop 1 year ago Report

The last 3 are fucking awesome


Posted by malus35 1 year ago Report

Ok, the last one caught me off guard lol!

What does it take to get Gilda to agree to that?


Posted by PegaSUS 1 year ago Report

Part 2!

Chrysalis/Cadance: Bug Queen gets her revenge! Perhaps this is the reason Cadance was found with a ragged mane at first.
Silver Spoon/Diamond Tiara: Breaking the choker before it was cool.
Fluttershy/Derpy: She is what she eats, and she's taking it well getting eaten!
Moondancer/Lyra: Poor Moondancer, haha. Guess this happens when you're out of the loop!
Ms. Harshwhinny/Rainbow Dash: Dash's ego still can't accept being prey very well! Professional is also quite a suiting antonym regarding her character as well. :P
Spitfire/Soarin: A simple trust building exercise; something a team like the Wonderbolts crucially needs to build up.
Pinkie/Rainbow Dash: Looks like there's a little more going on than we see. Fun things can happen when prey goes in butt-first. :P
Celestia/Twilight: Classic vore ship as well. Twi's flailing, but she's probably too shocked to register who's eating her.
Starlight/Twilight: Such a neat sequence, haha. Cutie marks just peel off! Who knew?
Applejack/Vinyl Scratch: Probably the least likely pairing, though it seems like a country gal is getting a taste of the city. Wonder what she thinks!
Derpy/Twilight: I mean, that's simply how trait stealing works, right?
Greta/Pinkie: Nice! Don't see too much of this gryphon as pred. :D Ponka has a nice butt as well, haha.
Gilda/Rainbow Dash: Looks like Gilda followed through in the end! Dash be strugglin'.
Greta/Gilda: Adore this sequence. :D Affectionate licks can definitely just be taste testing that leads to the follow-through. Love that satisfied lip lick and pose at the end. Wonder if Gilda will eat Pinkie while she's inside, and perhaps Pinkie will eat Dash again while inside Gilda? Haha.

Coora Ithirid

Posted by Coora Ithirid 1 year ago Report

Pinkie, you naughty little thing <3


Posted by DarkPinkie 1 year ago Report

What a solid jab at AugustBebel. xD I laughed.


Posted by Shortpig 1 year ago Report

Those last three are simply a phonemical sequence. Affectionate licking, a predator willingly turning prey, holding hands (What a terribly lewd act), a pair of wonderfully rotund and satisfied predators... I couldn't ask for more in a set of images.

Your work is always fantastic, especially when you dip into same-size content, but that last bit captures everything that I like about vore and I can't help but comment about it. Takes my breath away!


Posted by Slimshod 1 year ago Report

Always nice to see Ms. Harshwhinny


Posted by Turbotowns 1 year ago Report

ShoutOut to AugustBebel!