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Henlo yes I'm that one person that makes vore smut and is romantic to a fault. I figured there wasn't enough vore where the act is treated as something truly special and a way to get closer to a loved one, so I went and made some of it. Or, maybe I just felt like writing about how hot it'd be if Character A decided they wanted to be digested in Character B's womb so look there I've made it it's done you can't stop me

If you stick around here you can expect to find:
-Willing and eager prey
-Pleasurable Digestion
-More Dialogue
-Like way too much thought put into the universes that smut takes place in
-Implied reformation
-No really they definitely get reformed they're totally okay they just show up off screen again okay guys
-Hidden long-term stories and background lore in the middle of the smut?
-Horses, sometimes
-Wholesome and fulfilling romance, kinky, I know
-Like a LOT of dialogue, I'm convinced I have a fetish for people talking

What you probably won't find:
-Anal sex
-Anal vore
-Mean people, except for sometimes because reasons
-Comments and critique. No, seriously, if you've read my stuff and are reading this, PLEASE leave a comment. I am genuinely desperate to know what random people on the internet liked and disliked from my scribbles. Self improvement is my other fetish and I am desperate for attention, your comments are my lifeblood and I am starving, your weird thoughts about my garbage sustain me
-Butt stuff

Yep that's about it probably. Hope you find something likable amidst the hot garbage

Public to-do list for personal motivation:
-Make a sequel to whatever the last thing I uploaded was
-Make a sequel to that sequel too
-Figure out how to fit a fourth list on my User Profile
-Make fan stories for my top 80 favorite pieces of art
-Give free request story to the first person to see this and come to me with a decent idea
-Make stories with April the Otter to develop her character and show how she acts in less-romantic situations
-Make story about Ben the preyslut
-Write thirty self insert stories into the same universe as actual OCs
-Write terrible World of Warcraft stories
-Still better than BFA probably
-Write more horse that establishes Saved Estate - a horse that is addicted to being prey and may or may not intend to overthrow God
-Overthrow God
-Somehow incorporate mathematics into porn???

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