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Leah By drpolice -- Report

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So, like I said, I like drawing Leavanny, so I might as well have a character I can use when I wanna draw her. Called her Leah, she's a tailor, "bigger" than the others, and has a more formal demeanor.


Panel 1

Leah: “Tsk tsk tsk. So uncouth, missie! It is one thing to believe sandals are appropriate for every event, but crocs are truly a crime on the eyes! Clearly the only reasonable solution is to digest you onto my figure, as nothing even I can teach could fix your fashion faux pas. Once you finally grace my tastefully clothed body, you shall be closer to being fashionable, dearie.”

“Tsk tsk, another intern failing such simple requirements… Must they really feed- err, I mean, send me such poor students?”

Intern: “S-So you ate me for going casual?! I- rrrguphhm!”

Panel 2

Leah: “Whoopsies! Looks like you ‘popped my top’, so to say. Oh well! It isn’t as if I’m not used to falling out of my clothing with my generous sizes. And now you have given me a great reason for making some new clothes! Been wanting to try some more risque, sensual apparel.

“As a nice ‘plus size’ bonus, I think she finally looks fashionable and classy now! Even if most of this class is on my ass, ha~ha! Now let us see what I can squeeze myself into~”

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Posted by mirrormind101 2 years ago Report

I won't fail you mam |:-) I am the smart! Derp!


Posted by Base54 2 years ago Report

I'm glad I'm not in her class or I would've failed faster than you can say 'Leah'. I'm just not that fashionable.


Posted by StevenSix 2 years ago Report

I have to say this...
This is the predator's version of "WHAT'RE THOSE"


Posted by TF2ScoutGod 2 years ago Report

Bloody gorgeous
I would like to measure her


Posted by nightmaresoul40 2 years ago Report