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Midna's Impish Nature By drpolice -- Report

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Hey, here's some Midna vore again. Getting back into gear with this, as well as this being an attempt to try some stuff I learned during this time. Hopefully it's a bit better than usual at least, because this took a lot longer to finish than usual.

Oh yeah, there's some dialogue to go with this, it's a follow-up of that older Midna vore thing with TF that had Link in it.


Image 1

Midna: “Well “Link”, you sure were succulent for an imp, AND you’re still real active! Exactly what I’d expect out of the ‘Hero of Time’, hehe. Come on Link, you should think of this as a good thing; you’re helping me regain my original form! Kind of, just trust me on this. Like before!”

“You know, when I asked what sorta trouble a bunch of sexy imps like ourselves could ‘get into’, my stomach was no exception! But eh, keep strugglin’ while you’re in there! I’ll admit I like it, so keep doin’ it~”

Link: “M-Midna, why?! I thought we were trying to get ME back to normal, n-not you! This isn’t fai-rrngmph!”

Image 2

Midna: “Tch, why is this taking so long? These melons are nice, but I bet “Link” can’t even make me pear shaped back there. See? Not big enough yet!”

-sigh- “The woes of being me, right little imp? Heh, though now you’re more like ‘part of me’~”

Image 3

Midna: “Ooh, not bad! Not bad at all, Link. Though I suppose ‘Midna’ could work too! Heh, thanks for ass-isting in making this plush cushion perfect for a mostly-royal behind. Another quest completed for the legendary Hero of Time, right? Hehe~”

“At this rate, I might just get my original form back! Though I admit, this one kinda has its obvious… benefits~”

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Posted by RexLou 2 years ago Report

I like that you made a Pokemon pun here, as strange as that may sounds... it just gave me a little chuckle! You did a fantastic job filling up and filling out Midna here, and the dialogue below is very fun to read, too~ Typically Link doesn't have a voice, and I get Midna silences whatever he may have to say but melting him down into pudge~


Posted by Despacito20 2 years ago Report

Your shading has IMProved drastically


Posted by IMAWESOME123 2 years ago Report

I agree. It looked like a cell shaded 3d image for a second.


Posted by JohnnyF102 2 years ago Report

How I see it beautiful


Posted by PervyLesbian02 2 years ago Report

Hot dang, when I saw it show up in my messages, the small sneak preview shot made me think this was gonna be a 3D model image! And yeah, Midna's imp form does have some clear benefits... like being the perfect size for hugs. (I'm a sucker for cute "normie" things.)


Posted by greggarkits 2 years ago Report

Your grasp on lighting and shading has grown significantly, and it shows! Proper lighting makes everything better, and this drawing is no exception; it's fucking gorgeous.

I really look forward to seeing how your future drawings look~


Posted by Ani21 2 years ago Report

Fuck yeah, more Midna! I loved your previous stuff with her and this is no exception!


Posted by GOKUSSJ4luis 2 years ago Report

Nice art :D


Posted by Lutt 2 years ago Report

When I looked at the thumbnail, I genuinely thought it would be an SFM pic! Your art has improved insanely, amazing work!


Posted by derpsquid42 2 years ago Report

That thumbnail made it look 3D! Great as always god sir/ma'am!


Posted by JamKat 2 years ago Report

GAH! Midna is such a hottie! Always had a crush on her! So cute!


Posted by Tebomas 2 years ago Report

Well there are more important matters than rescuing the world. Increasing that butt size was definitely the correct choice for our hero.


Posted by ButtSlutZelda 1 year ago Report

aw, can't help but feel bad for Link here. didn't even get the most she could out of her new Imp form.