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Cute Enough to Eat (2/2) By Aces -- Report

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For hours and hours, all Amelia can do for the bulk of her day is laze atop of her massive gut. As her stomach contents soften to the consistency of a waterbed, she makes several attempts to get up off her belly, but all she manages to do is slosh around a bit. A frustrated sigh escapes her lips. Today is going to be very boring.

Though as she finally feels the mushy nutrients starting to gush into her intestines, Amelia can't complain too much. A deeply pleased rumble vibrates from her chest. She doesn't even want to sleep. She wants to watch. For literally twelve hours, Amelia rests comfortably in the camp site of the three men she ate. She occasionally belches up scraps of their soggy, fizzling clothes, but their movements by now have totally ceased. As the day comes to an end, her belly is already getting soft. She sinks into the mass like a giant water bed.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and after the boys finish passing through her bowels over the course of the night, it's time to leave. She finishes her 'business' the next morning and buries what's left of the boys in a shallow grave behind a boulder. Amelia then starts sauntering off with the rising sun to her back. She can't get over how fat those morons made her. After all these years, she's starting to take that plump, curvy, potbelly physique just like her mother. If only her jerk brother could see her now. She'd make good on her promise to put him in his place; a generous layer of her now jiggling gut and thighs.

Speaking of, she gives her belly a few hearty smacks while leaving. "That will teach you not to mess with someone like me!" boasts the now portly Deathclaw girl; still short as ever, but now twice as heavy. She dares someone else to call her cute. Go ahead! See what happens.


A commission drawn by  Wolfy!

Posting a couple before I go to sleep.

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Posted by UnknownPerson9876 6 months ago Report

Yeah, never pet or call possible man-eating creatures cute. Oh well, natural selection and all that!

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Posted by Tafillia 6 months ago Report

aww that just makes me wanna mess with her too x3 <3

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Posted by ArcaneSigil 6 months ago Report

She's a potential man-eater, with perky young boobs and an attitude that makes any tsundere chick swoon. Yeah, she's cute. I'm mated to a High-Dragon and I call her cute all the time. (Alternate OC design anyway)

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