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Trash, a Glaceon Scorned By The Saint of Ravens -- Report

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A feral Glaceon that I designed for a set of commissions.

Trash is a Glaceon discarded by a spiteful trainer who was nature hunting for a certain combo of traits, and had a bad habit of naming the failure derogatory things before getting rid of them. That betrayal right out of the gates gave Trash a vendetta against most trainers, and leads to her doing rather terrible things to them and their pokemon. Though, she has a hard time eating trainers who truly love and cherish their pokemon, though, she isn't above grumpily bullying them. Trainers are trainers after all.

Speaking of trainers, the one currently taking care of her is Enigma, and she has varying degrees of tsundere tendencies towards the stoic shota. Her general statement is that she hates all trainers and will eat them all one day, but she'll save him for last. He'd better watch out for that day... baka. Enigma normally just quietly nods in response to that and pets her.

Things Trash does to trainers includes vore of most types, to both them and their pokemon, various filthy things, dominance, eating friends and family, etc. Despite the few exceptions to the rule, she really does hate most trainers, and most humans and other pokemon in general for that matter. She's loud, lewd, crude, and cruel when given the chance, a product of her early life. Enigma has managed to soften her a bit, but she'll probably always hold that vendetta for as long as she lives.

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Posted by Badfurson 6 months ago Report

Glaceons are one of my favorite Eeveelutions, possibly THE favorite-but I still can't decide. How'd she feel 'bout a pokemon that IS a trainer, though?

The Saint of Ravens

Posted by The Saint of Ravens 6 months ago Report

Seeing as she has no qualms about eating other pokemon, probably they'd be seeing the insides of those grey guts XD


Posted by Badfurson 6 months ago Report

Welp. Guess I'd better make myself scarce, then!


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 6 months ago Report

Damn, that girl is thick


Posted by wiseguy288 6 months ago Report

So, how often does she dump extrainer in/on/around Enigma's shoes?

The Saint of Ravens

Posted by The Saint of Ravens 6 months ago Report

About as often as one would expect. She's a brat like that


Posted by wiseguy288 6 months ago Report



Posted by saybingryph 6 months ago Report

Trash is a rather fitting name for her, given how convenient she must be for disposing of unwanted food. Or irritating neighbors. :v


Posted by Chrome 6 months ago Report

Looks like I have a new pred crush!~


Posted by CrystalKiller88 6 months ago Report

Oh, I LIKE her!


Posted by Dragon808tr 6 months ago Report

Huh, seems interesting. I still see eeveelutions as cute though. Even her! Especially with that very-rubbable belly.


Posted by CaptainElusive 6 months ago Report

On the one hand, I do feel bad for her being named Trash.

On the other hand, I keep seeing Danny DeVito in my head regarding that name.


Posted by Xxrazzi 6 months ago Report

I read the backstory and felt so bad for her! I wish I could hug her and do something to change her mind about humans... nobody deserves to be discarded.


Posted by Tilalumtar 6 months ago Report

Oh my...
She's so adorable!
Come to me!


Posted by Circle0Trick 6 months ago Report

This is super relatable.

The amount of garbage produced when trying to create a specific mon really does make you want to name them derogatory things. ‘Course, that ends up wasting even more of your time on failed rolls when you could be preparing the next round, so I wouldn’t recommend it. A simple ‘X’ to designate them for the bin is more than enough.

This one even went and became a Glaceon. Truly living up to its name.

At least they have a use in these scenarios, so they’re not necessarily 100% useless. Maybe just 99.
Thanks for the post ~ ♥


Posted by Avarice1of2 5 months ago Report

poor thing, all she wanted was love, and she got a douche bag instead.


Posted by Avarice1of2 5 months ago Report

How does she feel about a trainer who qualifies as a pokemon, and thy themselves were abused by a caretaker. Who has made it their life's mission to raise the discarded pokemon, and defeat the former trainers with the pokemon they threw away.

Said abuse ended up having their mind copied over to an artificial body.