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Gut Down, Ass Up By Scaylid00d -- Report

Greed is second only to gluttony for most preds. On top of this, Succubi have little to no restraint when it comes to indulging in these sins.

A thicc, dark-skinned succubus comes across three especially succulent class-mates, all at once. There's no one around, maybe it's just them left in the building? She's got them all to herself. Just the realization of this golden opportunity is enough to break any resolve she might have had, let alone the mouth-watering sight of her soon-to-be meals ⊃゜Д゜)⊃

With a snap of her lustful impulse, all three of her class-mates are wolfed down in quick, greedy and sloppy gulps. They barely have time to scream before they are all squished inside the demoness' busy belly, squirming in vain desperation as they start melting~...

Of course, such unhinged voracity leaves her a bit top-heavy (ノω≦*)

It's been only twenty minutes or so, and her wriggly prey are all but a pulpy moosh, yet she is still hopelessly weighed down! Even her aggressive gut can't work all that meat down quite so hastily ❤ This poor succubus is going to stay like this for a good few more hours at least. That shameless belly of her is going to keep her anchored there until her sin's atoned for!

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

The last poll came out pretty close between boobs or butt, so a bit of both was appropriate :D You can check the final result of that for free here:

This was really fun to draw! It came together quite intuitively, as I made sure to have a good idea what I wanted her too look like in advance. The school-girl outfit was the only thing I added as I went along :9 I felt like giving her a reason to wear white socks, since they would fit so well with her dark skin.

I love the look of light hair on dark skin too ♥(ノ´∀`) Hot-pink seemed like a fun color to go with this time~

Hope you like it! Lemme know what you think ۹(≧∀≦)۹

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 7 months ago Report

Hehe I know I would love to come across a sexy demon in such a vulnerable state~


Posted by Winny 7 months ago Report

Looks like she wants to fulfill another desire with her rump up there like that~


Posted by Cookingart 7 months ago Report

Sexy demoness, she's has a nice ass.


Posted by Zen_Coyote 7 months ago Report

If someone takes advantage of her vulnerable state she can eat them too, but then she'd be even more weighed down!


Posted by KingNothing 7 months ago Report

Unless they took advantage of this state by eating her. I mean, any good classmate would want to help their peer carry such a heavy burden, right?


Posted by InspectorZ 7 months ago Report

Amazing! :O


Posted by dyltron9000 7 months ago Report

Oh I love it! Her ass looks beautiful.

She reminds me of my character Melody


Posted by TheVoreyeur 7 months ago Report

I dunno Maxi, I'd say Lust is typically second, and I'm feeling very willing to prove it right about now.


Posted by TavTheBored26 7 months ago Report

Sorry demon chic but i say your delightfully compromised


Posted by RediQ 7 months ago Report

Oof this is wonderful <3


Posted by dwarfhunter 7 months ago Report

she better hope no hungry sneks come bye and see that tasty succubutt!


Posted by Tilalumtar 7 months ago Report

That's so freakin' adorable! :3


Posted by SuperSlosh 7 months ago Report

The idea alone that the prey inside are mostly mush but still alive and struggling is so hot.

I always love your bellies, they are so smushy. The rolls of pudge that you can see over the swell of her actual stomach is great.


Posted by Canace 6 months ago Report

Socks and thigh highs, an advanced form.

YOu are growing, Scalid00d. Maybe I will have to spank you as a reward.


Posted by KuroNekoChan 6 months ago Report

surprise butt sex ! :3