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Escape from the giant cowgirl 10 By Karbo -- Report

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And the last page.

It's crazy how this one it started by just a suggestion from Mos on my Patreon and little by little it turned into a full comic :D It was a really fun one to draw too. Lot of internals and there is just something with a prey trapped within the digestive system of a slumbering giantess and trying to escape while the giantess just continue sleeping.. and digesting X3

I hope you enjoyed it too and that you're all having good vacations ;3 With vore-day around the corner, there's more vore to come soon for sure XD

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Any contribution, even small is very appreciated ! It helps me a LOT to bring you guys more pictures more often, and you can get some cool stuff in return and see my work long before it hits the internet ;)

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Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 12 days ago Report

Fantastic comic as always.


Posted by Karbo 11 days ago Report

Thank you :D


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 12 days ago Report

There is no escape from her :3


Posted by TETRO 11 days ago Report

I don't know, I see a way out right there ;)


Posted by MrNobody 12 days ago Report

Loved this series!

BTW, does Bella have a special someone willing to make an honest dairy cow of her, if you catch my drift? ;)


Posted by linthia 12 days ago Report

Never thought there would be a follow up to it ! Glad you did it it was awesome !


Posted by BedTime 12 days ago Report

this might be my favorite character of yours. You were rocking when I first discovered you and you still are. keep being so talented friend, you ain't my favorite vore artist for nothing ;)


Posted by MrQuarantine 12 days ago Report

Quality work as always karbo. You are a true master when it comes to creating the details of the mouth and digestive system.


Posted by Jurodan 12 days ago Report

Silly girl didn't realize that cowgirls chew their cud. She's lucky she wasn't crushed!


Posted by Snurdburglar 12 days ago Report

Always been a huge fan of your work. You're honestly one of the best vore artists. Keep up the good work!


Posted by MPennanti 12 days ago Report

An incredible sequence! I love your attention to detail when it comes to internal shots. <3


Posted by cg2018 12 days ago Report

Perfect works, thank the author very much, always can't help refreshing your homepage every day, can't wait to see your new works.


Posted by Kasra 12 days ago Report

And an amazing comic from start to finish; great work as always.


Posted by Turbotowns 12 days ago Report

A cow is VERY fine too!


Posted by Darjus 12 days ago Report

How cow you make attractive even a stupid cow? }:8


Posted by jackson22222 12 days ago Report

I mean, contrary to the title, she didn't escape.
But this is one of those instances where false advertising is the best outcome.


Posted by Cobbly 12 days ago Report

Give her a couple hours


Posted by Umhuebr 9 days ago Report

Same thing I had thought lol


Posted by Cobbly 12 days ago Report

What's that square thing in the last panel?


Posted by AngelSony 11 days ago Report

I don't know... I'm watching the full comic but I can't realize where is it from...


Posted by Cobbly 11 days ago Report

A cellphone maybe?


Posted by AngelSony 10 days ago Report

The only phone I saw in the whole comica was from one of the tourists. So that means the cow-girl woke up and ate him?


Posted by Cobbly 10 days ago Report

I dunno. He seemed like he got away


Posted by gnostechnician 12 days ago Report

I absolutely loved this series! The internal anatomy is second to none on detail and emotional impact. And speaking of impact, the feeling of struggle and the investment in our protagonist's efforts and failure is really good. The dialogue adds a breath of levity to the comic that keeps it from being too heavy. Fantastic, fantastic work!


Posted by Natalya 12 days ago Report

This is absolutely phenomenal! I really can't put into words how much I love this!! ♥


Posted by blahblahblah 12 days ago Report

Absolutely amazing, thanks so much!


Posted by JCA 11 days ago Report

Always love your arts! Whoa!!


Posted by AngelSony 11 days ago Report

I have no words to descrive how good this comic is. Actually just the first page was awesome but a full comic is by far better~


Posted by Karbo 9 days ago Report

Thank you :)


Posted by Realmwars 11 days ago Report

How could anyone say no to being eaten by someone this cute?


Posted by Karbo 9 days ago Report

I know right !


Posted by TETRO 11 days ago Report

Karbo, you're spoiling us! That was too good!


Posted by Karbo 9 days ago Report

Glad you liked it :)


Posted by Indighost 11 days ago Report

Thank you for doing a more digestion/scat type sequence. You don't do this often and it's a nice gift for fans.


Posted by Sempai13 10 days ago Report

Great Sequence Karbo! And I'm not sure if I ever seen a full digestion sequence like this from you, what a treat! The internals were great as per usual too :D As someone who enjoys seeing work of prey digested to waste, I'm hoping more stuff like this is on the table in the future <3


Posted by KaiYuga 8 days ago Report

Welp that was sad


Posted by KaiYuga 8 days ago Report

I felt bad when she said everything was gonna be ok lol


Posted by maplesnack 6 days ago Report

gosh, how amazing it must be to get passed around in this girl's digestive system before finally melting <3