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Extra dimensional traffic patterns and you! By ryanshowseason3 -- Report

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A mysterious condition has turned most of the population around the globe into sex crazed nymphomaniacs who seem to fuck until they die. Amid this plague of sex zombies a bizarre woman approaches our protagonist and his wife. She decides to save him.

His wife?

Not so much.

I wanted to do a story about a concept very alien and beyond human comprehension. I'm not sure about the result, parts are heartfelt, parts feel like they don't have the gravity they should. But perhaps the mental manipulation is a factor? Sounds like an excuse on my part but a plausible one.

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Posted by deej1011 5 months ago Report

This was a pretty neat concept, and an interesting read. Tbqh I'd love to see a continuation (and while I like, wish they'd get a happy ending together and whatnot, I know that's not how it's gonna go ><) or a different story in this setting.


Posted by NightRoller 2 months ago Report

Thus far, what I've read is an interesting concept. It feels lot like the stories I was writing five years ago: some good bits, and perhaps a bit much dialogue worldbuilding. That causes some parts to be more interesting than others, but as an author, it's really difficult to do much about it.
It also makes me wish that I could be writing more, myself (i.e. writing at all, because things are wayyyy too busy).
I concur with the previous commenter, this would be an interesting world to use in further stories.


Posted by NightRoller 2 months ago Report

Yeah, it seemed like initially a debauchery, then transitioned more into the parts I find interesting (especially towards the end; my interests largely consist of finding 'the possibility of something happening' interesting, rather than the actual acts themselves, no matter how well written the acts are). Especially enjoyed the character banter, and the idea of how things could go in the future. This is an excellent character exposition, you definitely should consider continuing it.


Posted by ryanshowseason3 2 months ago Report

It was really difficult to find pictures to shop for this one. Outside of that the mind reading thing was just ripe for all kinds of interaction plus two beings of vastly different cultures. Literally anything could be considered a faux pa. So it made for a wide open field of possibilities abd interactions.

I could see a continuation. Perhaps meeting the parents. Or at least the concept of parents, which could be a very bizarre and altogether nonsensical thing to the protag.