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Planetary feast By Karbo -- Report

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Meet Black-hole chan ! She's the personification of that black-hole that was spotted a couple months ago. I kind of had to do something with her sooner or later, it begged for it :D I'm pretty tempted to draw a sequence of what happens next. Sure the Sun would be quite a big morsel buuuut somehow I feel that blackhole-chan would be up to the challenge X3
Thanks to Taiki Sensei for the suggestion !

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Posted by Realmwars 3 years ago Report

If this is the black hole that will consume our solar system in thousands of years I will be happy for our end.


Posted by Karbo 3 years ago Report

hehe there are worse ways for our world to go I agree XP


Posted by Lilladybug 3 years ago Report

Black holes have uvulas?

T A K E M E.


Posted by Cobbly 3 years ago Report



Posted by Karbo 3 years ago Report

This will probably be the case ;3


Posted by Darjus 3 years ago Report

That's not the "black hole" I'd have expected on Eka.. still not disappointed :O


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 3 years ago Report

All consuming sexiness.


Posted by Leika 3 years ago Report

Love the way the way Earth and Mars are contentedly smiling, like they spend all their time flying in a big circle and enjoy it the way they would an amusement park ride. Also all the little exclamation points on Earth. She may be oblivious, but her inhabitants sure aren't...


Posted by Kasra 3 years ago Report

Delightful! I particularly enjoy the oblivious planet-chans.


Posted by Marmoran 3 years ago Report

It's only Earth and Mars who are oblivious, Jupiter and the others behind look pretty concerned to me :)


Posted by Karbo 3 years ago Report

Thank you :D


Posted by RiderKick78 3 years ago Report

I can also see this being Unicron or Galacta


Posted by Adder4118 3 years ago Report

Finally hehe black hole chan x3


Posted by MaskedSinner 3 years ago Report

Fantastic work, hope you get around to drawing that sequence


Posted by Karbo 3 years ago Report

I probably will I think ^^


Posted by MaskedSinner 3 years ago Report



Posted by Marmoran 3 years ago Report

This is one of your most unique and original works Karbo, I love the personification of celestial objects :)


Posted by Karbo 3 years ago Report

Thanks XP


Posted by Vision 3 years ago Report

Definitely need to see the following sequence! Looks incredible! :3


Posted by Karbo 3 years ago Report

thank you :)


Posted by Dulahallan 3 years ago Report

*giggles and taps her cheek* I think the smugness suits her well.


Posted by viviansmeal 3 years ago Report

earth chan !


Posted by linthia 3 years ago Report

The shading and lighting is just perfect <3 Just love how she sucks everything inside her mouth, though looking at her hair I thought you'd have done something like "tentacles" to bring preys closer !


Posted by Karbo 3 years ago Report

yeah I wanted an effect that looks like something of a whirlpool ^^


Posted by Yidra 3 years ago Report

That's scary...


Posted by Jamie263 3 years ago Report

Nice concept


Posted by ThatTinyTitan 3 years ago Report

I love this version of Blackhole-chan!


Posted by PrinnyDood 2 years ago Report

Earth-Chan is such an adorable ditz here, she really does kinda make easy prey. xD

Love this premise, and the imposing-yet-sexy way to did Blackhole-Chan! ;3


Posted by Abraxas 1 year ago Report

I can literally feel the gravity of that gorgeous belly <3