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Felarya Butt contest 2nd edition By Karbo -- Report

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Welcome to the second Felarya butt contest !

This time there are more participants XP

The question is now of course : who should be the winner ! Size is important, but so is shape, and firmness. Can you bounce a tiny off that butt like a trampoline? What height do they get? And how comfy is it to sleep on ? There's a lot to factors ! With all that taken into account the preliminary vote is over and the 8 final contestants have been chosen ! you can vote for the final winner here:

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Posted by Altimos 1 year ago Report

Yup... I'm going all in with Chalyss and if not my number 1 choice, than my number 2 is straight to the source, Meralimexia <3 <3 <3


Posted by Karbo 1 year ago Report

Solid choices here X3


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 1 year ago Report

Where’s the first edition?


Posted by royalwerewolf 1 year ago Report

Placing my vote on 4


Posted by Liz 1 year ago Report

Chibi Vivian <3<3
She is so cute <3, the other ladies are lovely 8 and 13 are my picks


Posted by justanothermeal 1 year ago Report

i like the catgirl thing kaylin has going on, but since this is strictly a butts contest i vote liri, with subeta as a close second


Posted by Birichino 1 year ago Report

Hmmm, I'm no butt expert, but Menny seems to win in size, but at the cost of the tension Melany is showing.

Ashmet seems to be beating her mistress, too...and Milly seems very nice in general.


Posted by medar84th 1 year ago Report

I vote Zycra just because I know what she can do with that thing!

All top notch though


Posted by Avarice1of2 1 year ago Report



Posted by Xinoz2 1 year ago Report

I can't find the option for Cirno, The Best One!


Posted by linthia 1 year ago Report

Poor Viviaaaan ! But I'd say.. Menyssan.. a bit influenced by what she said tho ! But for the rest Zycra~


Posted by temporos 1 year ago Report

Chalyss. :3


Posted by Demonking44 1 year ago Report

Menyssan has won this.

By the rules of the internet and her being

She has got this in the bag.


Posted by ScrubEC 1 year ago Report

I gotta vote for Chalyss. As much as I love Melany or Caylin, I think Chalyss has the best booty in this lineup. XD


Posted by Marmoran 1 year ago Report

Chalyss ain't such a big deal in my opinion. She's just OK. It's kinda funny how both her mother and her maid are rooting for her, yet they have much better asses :)


Posted by hunter2045 1 year ago Report

Pic:1 - #4 Menyssen
(Would like to meet her )

Pic:2 - #8 Subeta

Pic:3 - #12 Zycra (Don't know much about her though)


Posted by Vaderaz 1 year ago Report

Got a decent amount of pictures of her in my gallery ;P


Posted by Darjus 1 year ago Report

God bless you :p


Posted by Marmoran 1 year ago Report

While I'm definitely happy with all that fresh succubi meat (especially Ashmet, whom I absolutely adore), I have to say that Melany, Menyssan and Tina still can't be beaten. Also, I'm kinda sad that Bella the cowgirl didn't make it to this contest :( She would be in a top 5 easily. Maybe next time...

So, here's my list:

1. Menyssan
2. Melany
3. Tina
4. Caylin
5. Ashmet
6. Meralimexia
7. Arale
8. Liri
9. Subeta
10. Zycra
11. Chalyss
12. Jade
13. Milly


Posted by Marmoran 1 year ago Report

Sorry, Tina is actually #2 and Melany is #3


Posted by noilylo 1 year ago Report

If I must only vote for the butt... I’d say number 4 ! Menyssan really worked it up great~


Posted by JMan96 1 year ago Report

Menyssan get my vote!


Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

This is going to be a hard choice and I would love to give each wonderful butt a careful, physical examination before deciding, butt... I think I will go for:
Nr.1 Menyssan
Nr.2 Meralimexia
Nr.3 Milly


Posted by ImaWeeb 1 year ago Report



Posted by Jamie263 1 year ago Report



Posted by Ultimax300 1 year ago Report

Then Kirby appears and eats all of them like the adorable glutton he is.


Posted by VictorBound 1 year ago Report

A vote for #8 - Subeta! <3


Posted by Demolord25 1 year ago Report

You got some spicy art. Ive been trying to get some spicy hentai and vore artists on my crappy jojo discord server, i have no clue why, so here's an invite


Posted by sonickirby10 1 year ago Report

I'm not voting anyone, because all of them will eat me if I say no