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Tracer walked her way towards her bed, sitting just next to her
nightstand. On it rested a glass bowl with steep and high sides, five
ladies trapped within it. Clad in nothing more than a dark brown bra
and a matching set of panties, Tracer crossed her legs and leaned
back on one arm, admiring her tiny captives - each standing no more
than half a foot tall. Mercy, D.Va, Widowmaker, Pharah, and Symmetra
were naked and past the point of covering their decency; now, the
ladies were far more

sun paints the sky a deep orange. It descends slowly, creeping
towards the sea of treetops, nightfall chasing it away. The creatures
within the forest hush as they settle in their nests and burrows, the
air filling with their exhaustion. Darkness quickly follows, the
still forest lit by the moon, stirring only from the occasional
dead branch snaps in half under the weight of a foot.A
voyager, a pioneer of the land and a shadow of the night, quickly
dashes through the forest floor wi

crashed onto the ground, dazed and confused. She quickly took a gulp
of air before a heavy weight landed on her back, restricting her
lungs. "You are a fool to think you're the one in control. This
will serve as your final lesson for your crimes against my half-kin,"
a female voice hissed the words with such poison and malice that Emma
couldn't help but feel helpless.Emma
was 19, and had just returned home from her first year at college.
Her breasts were not large but they were qu

walked into her living room. She had just arrived home from work, and
felt genuinely exhausted from a day in the office appealing to a
number of ungrateful clients complaining about her co-workers'
attitudes. She reached behind her head and took out the pins holding
her hair up as she started heading towards her couch. Her blonde,
curly hair fell softly around her shoulders and down her back as she
closed her eyes. Slowly opening her bright blue eyes, she swayed over
to the couch where she

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Vision's Blog - Tracer's Delights. Posted 5 years ago


For those who're interested, yes, I'm still planning to write more for the series. Been switching jobs IRL, so between putting in a bunch of extra hours at my now former job and training at my new job I've been kinda busy. Still alive, though.

(PS: If anyone actually reads this, you're awesome.)

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