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Sloshy Simone By Asaneman -- Report

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“Didn’t anyone teach you any manners?” Simone sighed. Shlurp was the only noise in response. “I mean, really? Coming to my garden out of nowhere and accusing me of being a spy?” Splorch. She shook her head, feeling the sheep’s woolly hide and legs sliding up her ass. The vixen’s gut surged outwards from the mass of the intruder. Her plush tail waved in delight as the sheep was sucked further inside her inside.

Plurmp! Simone trembled with pleasure as the sheep completely vanished betwixt her round, soft, white cheeks. Her bountiful belly bulged in places as her prey squirmed inside, struggling to find some way to escape the fleshy prison. “Mrr~” A gentle purr escaped her lips as she rubbed her stuffed gut. Her hands sunk into her soft flesh, gently massaging her belly. Wrrbl Glrg Loud churning noises grew in her gut, the prey slowly losing the will to fight as acids started to pool around his body.

“Y’know…” Simone spoke down to her gut as she pulled a rose from her garden. “You aren’t the first sheep to accuse me of being some kind of infiltrator.” One hand moved to her large chest. Simone moaned as she rubbed her tender cleavage; the massive mounds of boobflesh gently sliding through her hands. Her attention was then drawn to her enormous ass; many had found their end being pulled into her end, and it showed. Each cheek was its own massive globe, barely covered by her tight leggings. Every movement made her ass jiggle, flesh rippling with each touch. Simone took a deep whiff of the rose as she admired her enormous curves and stuffed belly. “And hopefully, you won’t be the last.”


Quick blurb written by  generalguy64! Thanks again! Simone is from the Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal movie, she's super cute and wanted to give her some love! Genuinely enjoyed the movie, thought it was a huge improvement over the first.

WIPs, including non-vore edits:

Simone © Wizart Animation

Comment on Sloshy Simone


Posted by Badfurson 8 months ago Report

I haven’t seen the films, myself-but I hadn’t seen a wholehearted recommendation until now, either. Maybe I’ll give ‘em a watch; wouldn’t be the first time I’ve watched a movie for one character-at any rate.

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Posted by Skittles209 8 months ago Report

By character design choices or story-wise? I never knew this existed.

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Posted by Azuris 8 months ago Report

Quality butts as usual! Great work!

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 8 months ago Report

She is just wonderful and perfect ^__^

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Posted by F1reDem0n 8 months ago Report

You draw some of the most curvy and plump Foxes and Wolfs around Asaneman. Just amazing.

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Posted by LightSpeed 8 months ago Report

Murrrr... she's Beautiful! ^3^

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Posted by Neoninja 8 months ago Report

Everyday I grow closer to being a furry

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Posted by JamKat 8 months ago Report


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