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extracurricular activities. (2010) By Winny -- Report

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Finally my slump is in the late stages. Woo! (Well I hope anyway~) So I would like you all to read the story that I've been piecing together to help get over this dark time.

As a special added treat, this is the first story to be added to the 2010 year portion of the universe in YEARS. I thought it was time to add another to the big three that you all started reading!

I SSUUUPPPPERRR hope you all enjoy it~

As always please leave comments! I love comments! Comments are what help me stay motivated writing~ Because while I enjoy writing this delightful degenerate content.

IT'S ALL YOU GUYS, that make me want to continue~

So happy reading~

I love you all!

Mwah~ <3

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Posted by RediQ 8 months ago Report

Oh more stories from you in this setting, hell yesss~


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

Yup! It's a time period I have neglected for far to long~ ^^


Posted by RediQ 8 months ago Report

Oh, all of the time periods in this universe are fun... it's always nice to see any of them, you write casual fatal vore like nobody else <3


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

That really means a lot~ Thank you! I hope you enjoy more of my work in the future. Also casual fatal is super hot so expect to see more of it~


Posted by Starduster 8 months ago Report

I always love how you write disposal!


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoy reading the delightful details of these cuties~


Posted by Hezroar 8 months ago Report

I'll admit, I like it when the pred can talk with their food. But hoo boy this was real hot despite that not happening in this story.


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

Theres something nice with sentient preds and non sentient preds both tickle me the right way. On one hand when the pred is intelligent enough to talk and coax someone into being a meal merph~ But on the other hand the casualness of situation that played out in the story because people do not think things through? Ah so good to~ Happy you enjoyed it! <3


Posted by Civilbarbarian 8 months ago Report

After school clubs? More like after school subs, amirite?


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

What better way to mingle with people then with some extracurricular activities, though don't worry about that pesky fine print just sign the name~ I mean we only do the safest of activities~ <3


Posted by EloquentOrc 8 months ago Report

Your best dog girl story yet, if anyone ask me :). Really like the framing device, of girls watching a video of their friend being digested.


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

Thank you! And keeping record of club events is a no brainer~ I mean you gotta keep records right? Double if they can act as hot homemade porn as well~ <3


Posted by Moonsniper 4 months ago Report

This is a prequel to the very first story


Posted by Winny 4 months ago Report

Mmhm! Yes it is.