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Our Invaders (with STORY) By BIGBIG -- Report

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Definitely a fun piece.
Didn't done any kind of monster pred in ages.
Nice to break the mold.

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Posted by zelphi 1 year ago Report



Posted by EnderDracolich 1 year ago Report

Nice! You don't do non-humanoid stuff often, but when you do it you do it very well! They're gorgeous!


Posted by BigJohnHagerty 1 year ago Report

*screams in warhammer 40K*


Posted by SenpaiVore 1 year ago Report

I for one accept our new alien overlords


Posted by wiseguy288 1 year ago Report

Damn, that's what I was gonna say


Posted by JustAnUser 1 year ago Report

That reptile alien looks good, is there any possibility to get one?


Posted by FRENKI88 1 year ago Report

you should make human resistance of human preds eating the lizards.


Posted by Makuta 1 year ago Report

Awesome picture and great new Monster Pred. I would like to be her meal and I like the setting idea.


Posted by paperairplaneclip 1 year ago Report

Big fan of those internals ♥

8th Demon

Posted by 8th Demon 1 year ago Report

Holy crap the detail work on those scales... That's astounding.


Posted by twitchystitch 1 year ago Report

Towering alien pred with multiboob, mega thiccness and actually lOOKS genuienly alien?? HELL YEAH~

At last, the true purpose of humanity; serving up as a delicious meal to our mighty alien matriarch overlords!


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

Ooh, neat texture on her skin.


Posted by Sriseru 1 year ago Report

Oooh, I LOVE their design! ^w^


Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report

Ooh, some si-fi goodies! 0w0

Great hologram use! Quite lewd indeed


Posted by plaguetyranno 1 year ago Report

You put so much effort into the scales, it's very impressive. Were they from a photo or did you draw them by hand? Either way, they look great.


Posted by SherlokKiril 11 months ago Report

This internal shot is amazing !


Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 month ago Report

This is so beautiful and amazing :o