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Our Invaders (with STORY) By BIGBIG -- Report

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Definitely a fun piece.
Didn't done any kind of monster pred in ages.
Nice to break the mold.

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Posted by zelphi 11 months ago Report



Posted by EnderDracolich 11 months ago Report

Nice! You don't do non-humanoid stuff often, but when you do it you do it very well! They're gorgeous!


Posted by BigJohnHagerty 11 months ago Report

*screams in warhammer 40K*


Posted by SenpaiVore 11 months ago Report

I for one accept our new alien overlords


Posted by wiseguy288 11 months ago Report

Damn, that's what I was gonna say


Posted by JustAnUser 11 months ago Report

That reptile alien looks good, is there any possibility to get one?


Posted by FRENKI88 11 months ago Report

you should make human resistance of human preds eating the lizards.


Posted by Makuta 11 months ago Report

Awesome picture and great new Monster Pred. I would like to be her meal and I like the setting idea.


Posted by paperairplaneclip 11 months ago Report

Big fan of those internals ♥

8th Demon

Posted by 8th Demon 11 months ago Report

Holy crap the detail work on those scales... That's astounding.


Posted by twitchystitch 11 months ago Report

Towering alien pred with multiboob, mega thiccness and actually lOOKS genuienly alien?? HELL YEAH~

At last, the true purpose of humanity; serving up as a delicious meal to our mighty alien matriarch overlords!


Posted by Bright 11 months ago Report

Ooh, neat texture on her skin.


Posted by Sriseru 11 months ago Report

Oooh, I LOVE their design! ^w^


Posted by JamKat 11 months ago Report

Ooh, some si-fi goodies! 0w0

Great hologram use! Quite lewd indeed


Posted by plaguetyranno 10 months ago Report

You put so much effort into the scales, it's very impressive. Were they from a photo or did you draw them by hand? Either way, they look great.


Posted by SherlokKiril 8 months ago Report

This internal shot is amazing !