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Frog food By Karbo -- Report

If you watched the anime Konosuba, you probably remember the moment where the party is almost eaten by a pack of giant frogs. It's more of a comedic moment than something really vorish buuut in the back of my mind I couldn't help but ask myself " what if all members got swallowed with none remaining outside and able to free the others ? X3
So here is my version. This time it will be harder for them to escape digestion ;3

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Posted by mirrormind101 1 month ago Report

Aww, happy frog ^^


Posted by Karbo 2 weeks ago Report



Posted by mirrormind101 2 weeks ago Report

(UwU) :)


Posted by Dooot 1 month ago Report

Your giantesses are always a pleasure to the eyes.


Posted by Karbo 2 weeks ago Report

Thank you :D


Posted by Natalya 1 month ago Report

Absolutely beautiful! The facial expressions, especially the blushing and smiling froggy in the tiny panel, are top-notch~! ♥


Posted by Karbo 12 days ago Report

Thank you :D


Posted by SiennaAthens 4 weeks ago Report

100% accurate Darkness :v


Posted by Karbo 12 days ago Report



Posted by shadowwolfgp 4 weeks ago Report

Seriously I think ive seen frog girls and then you draw one. Great job


Posted by Karbo 12 days ago Report

Thanks ! ^^


Posted by RileyRocksTacoSocks 4 weeks ago Report

Even if they did all get eaten in the anime, surely the frogs are as cuttable on the inside as they are on the outside.


Posted by Lilladybug 4 weeks ago Report

Frogvulas are best uvulas. <3


Posted by Kasra 4 weeks ago Report

What an adorable frog girl! And I love the perspectives on this.


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 4 weeks ago Report

Absolutely stunning.


Posted by pbazfull 4 weeks ago Report

I don't want to ruin the fun but if this frog is not like your other preds with an anti-magic stomach I'm pretty sure they can scape. Also I read your felarya manga, isn't that cat-guy that makes portal and teleports around using magic? Or just Crisis tummy that is not magic-proof?


Posted by vorefanatic314 4 weeks ago Report

I just love how happy she looks in that tiny last panel. So full and content! Great character and I love the colors you used here, hope to see this frog character again!


Posted by linthia 4 weeks ago Report

You won't~ Just going to be digested !


Posted by Karbo 12 days ago Report



Posted by Birichino 4 weeks ago Report

Well, without the staff, there's no Explosion...

...but Wiz can flash freeze that thing with her bare hands. I know the goddess of frogs hates when people do that in Touhou, though, so that might just escalate the situation...


Posted by MaskedSinner 4 weeks ago Report

Oh, Karbo... You're spoiling me :)


Posted by PrinnyDood 4 weeks ago Report

Haha, awesome! Frog-girl giantesses are really an underused, appealing sort of predator! Love this! :D

(Also I really need to break down and just watch Konosuba, but that's besides the point! xD)


Posted by saitofang 3 weeks ago Report

well when you think about it, Aqua can just naturally turn the acid into water, so if anything this is a minor inconvenience for a while for them.


Posted by yaygara 3 weeks ago Report

Yeah but she's useless, remember?


Posted by VictorBound 3 weeks ago Report

This is honestly amazing, also have you seen the movie? definitely some vorish moments there.
sadly some are only in a quick montage, but we see darkness half eaten by a fish, and a few creatures try to eat the cast.


Posted by Karbo 6 days ago Report

I haven't yet ^^ Is it more vore with frogs ?


Posted by Recharder 2 weeks ago Report

Simple. You don't.

Anyway, great art, as usual!


Posted by somercet 12 days ago Report

Megumin: "The inside of a frog stinks, but at least it feels nice and warm…"