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Betty Sue's Secret Stash By willudie -- Report

Just a real quick comic doodle idea I had. I needed a quick mental breather from commissions or I'm gonna burn myself out -0-

Cocoa is the farm's "Watch Dog" and will occasionally help dig things up when the Susan Sisters ask. But Betty Sue really doesn't want to give up her snacks, and she'll go to pretty far lengths to keep her supply hidden.

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Posted by Reiko 7 months ago Report

Oh my God, the Farm-Verse grows! I LOVE these girls! <3

RIP Doggo-Sister, she accomplished her mission!


Posted by Azuris 7 months ago Report

Love seeing more Betty from you. Nice work!


Posted by Leika 7 months ago Report

I love everything to do with this cow. Hope we'll see still more of her in the future!


Posted by gorgonzoladealer 7 months ago Report

I love Betty Sue! Best cow!


Posted by wiseguy288 7 months ago Report

I adore everything about this universe


Posted by KasoTheArtist 7 months ago Report

The cow character is now a new faforet uwu


Posted by mirrormind101 7 months ago Report

Nooooo! not her snacks!


Posted by F1reDem0n 7 months ago Report

The fact that she's got so much cow chub and such a plump and round figure and can STILL hide a full sized meal in her body is just amazing.


Posted by willudie 7 months ago Report

It's my favorite kind of pred honestly. One who is just big enough that, as long as she's careful, you'd never realize she's got somebody squished up in her insides


Posted by F1reDem0n 7 months ago Report

I can't agree more really. BBW Preds are my favorite type of pred for that very reason. ^_^

You sometimes can see a person in them but they are so fat and big that the chances that you will are slim (unlike them lol).


Posted by zandveer 7 months ago Report

Well, if Cocoa is lucky the cow is only good at digestion sweets and grass. Other wise that name is gonna take on a different meaning.


Posted by Demicus 7 months ago Report

Hope this isn't the end of that pupper, she seems cute~!


Posted by Demicus 7 months ago Report

Well, that'd also be a very good use for a pupper that cute~ Padding out a bigger pred~


Posted by Dooot 7 months ago Report

That cat-girl(?)is sooo lucky.


Posted by hagisher 7 months ago Report

I would not turn my back to that cow. Especially if I was taking away her snacks.


Posted by Kligor 7 months ago Report

That doggirl is really cute!
Also really diggin the 'hair-over-eyes' kinda deal!


Posted by James17 7 months ago Report

Sorry, Cocoa, I think the farmer is gonna lets Betty Sue keep ya in there as a consolation prize >=3 Enjoy cow butt!


Posted by Zazzythegoat101 7 months ago Report

Actually I think shell let her out because 1. The plan was to find the cows snacks and get them away form her and 2. Killing a sister is down right wrong but that's my thoughts ^^