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Chapter three By Winny -- Report

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Its time for the third chapter of our little theme park adventure! I hope everyone's enjoying themselves with the fun little tid bits of information being shown in this universe~

Also if anyone is wondering the brainstorm idea behind this whole adventure then check out a hentai/doujin called Mizuryu Kei Land the 1st Day

Also, if people haven't realized the content does continue to get more extreme! But you all knew that would happen~

Love you all~

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Posted by theonlymatt 8 months ago Report

Oh shit, I was on the edge my seat wait for this, awesome!


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

I'm happy that you're enjoying these series of chapters! The next one is being written, each chapter will be be between 5000-10000 words. So far everything together the story is over 20k words already.



Posted by heromc 8 months ago Report

Quite the series. I dig the callbacks to previous stories.


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

I like keeping everything interconnected~


Posted by Moonsniper 8 months ago Report

Are we going to see an anthro eat another anthro. ( I really like it when a predator eats another predator )


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

I also like pred on pred content, which my webcam series has more of. As of right now, there isn't anthro on anthro content in a vorephile sense. But who knows what the future holds? <3


Posted by ErRynArya 8 months ago Report

I have to report you for lying. There's a tag of yours, "disregard of life", but turning down the chance to star in your graduation video by getting shit out so that you can raise your daughter instead is ***NOT*** disregard of life >:c

You lied to me. You lied to your BF. I cannot believe this. This is unforgivable. You're going down the drain now D:<


Posted by Winny 8 months ago Report

They still have disregard of life, but they have the ability to consciously make choices. "Raising kid." just meant more then. "Being gurgled like a gut slut." For the mother at the time. Just like how I love apples, but I will still choose to eat a grapefruit now and then because I can. :d


Posted by ErRynArya 8 months ago Report

UNACCEPTABRU!! That's a new tag "proper moral decision" which means she needs to get gurgled before the day is done because this is an affront to your society as a whole in this universe.


Posted by Scrapduke 6 months ago Report

Sam’s the darkhorse of the TGODG universe. How has this boy not been turned to a steaming pile yet and how do we make him one?!

Great entry, like always~!