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The Thievul and the Boltund By Zira -- Report

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More art of Asaneman's Faith. being her usual gluttonous self.

Here is  asaneman part:

Story written by  shiomagwolf down below. Thank you really appreciate it!!


Faith let out a contented sigh as she leaned back against the wall. The poké ball she gently stuffed up her butthole a couple of minutes earlier was making its way through her sinuous bowels, heading to her stomach. Pretty satisfied with the trainer she got to snack on that night, she let that massive rump of hers squish against the wall as she inspected the gurgled young man’s belongings. She frowned some at first, as she didn’t find anything particularly interesting: a gym badge, a couple of cheap poké balls, some spare clothes and other items she couldn’t get any profit from. The Thievul soon found the trainer’s wallet and quickly snatched the money it contained; he sure wasn’t going to need it anymore, given where he was now. It wasn’t much, but Faith could use that money to buy some food for her pup after all.

She felt that the poké ball had arrived into her stomach and she started touching her belly with the tips of her fingers in several spots. Her intention was to find the button on the ball and release whatever pokémon it was hosting. It could have been someone as small as a Rattata or as big as an Aggron, and that’s what excited her the most. After several attempts the vixen pokèmon finally managed to press the button in the center of the ball, causing it to release the gurgled trainer’s companion. Faith jolted and her eyes widened as the pokémon burst out of the red and white capsule. Her stomach expanded immediately and made her take a long breath, the vixen looked down and smiled mischievously at her very big belly. That sure wasn’t a Rattata.


The sudden burst and her prey’s sudden struggles made the Thievul mom belch greatly and loudly, subtracting air from her stomach and making the bulges on her gut more definite. The belch made her spit the pokémon’s ball out and she put it away beside herself, still covered in saliva. As she loved to do in these cases, the girl started touching her swollen belly all over, feeling her prey’s size, shape and regions to try and guess what species it was. Given all the growls it let out, and the shape of its paws, the meal was probably a canine-like pokémon. Just when she was about to guess what it was, her prey let out its cry and clearly announced its species. It was a male Boltund, and a pretty big one, judging on how swollen he had made Faith’s belly. The vixen licked her lips proudly and rubbed her gut with the star-shaped end of her fluffy tail.


That first sound was the beginning of the end for Boltund, which was inevitably going to join his trainer as pudge on the mom’s rear. Faith’s stomach started filling with acids, submerging the yellow canine more and more. Trying to zap the predator wasn’t going to have any utility for him as he would have been struck by his own electricity, and struggling was beginning to become hard for him. Feeling more tired every minute, the dog couldn’t do anything but surrender to his captor’s stomach. The fleshy chamber was now more than half full of warm, yellowish gastric juices slowly softening his body. She rubbed that swollen gut of hers with pride and a hint of malice, feeling her prey succumb to her greedy body as she sat down to let her stomach work on the doomed dog.


The bulges on the vixen’s midsection started to smoothen out as her prey got gradually converted into thick chyme. He had stopped fighting long before, unwillingly giving her freedom to digest him like the food he was to her. Now fully unconscious, the electric dog spent the next couple of hours melting, turning into rich soup for her to assimilate. By the time the sun had gone behind the hills, Faith had finally finished the first part of her digestive process. The Boltund was now nothing more than a nutritious, fattening mass of dense, ex-pokémon soup. Faith grabbed the bottom of her belly with both of her hands and played with the sloshing sack, she knew the best part was just about to begin.

<i>Gluck… sllrsh…</i>

The rich chyme made its way into her intestines at a pretty fast pace, her gut losing volume almost visibly. Her body efficiently absorbed the dense soup, causing her breasts to grow in size. They doubled in mass within a couple of minutes, reaching the size of two soccer balls. It was quite the growth, but nothing compared to what was going to come next. Faith slowly laid down on the ground, the gut underneath her shrank; simultaneously, the remaining soup was going straight to her ass. She let out a murr, her body pumping what once was a frisky dog into her curves, turning him into something far better: assfat, and lots of it. The Thievul chuckled to herself as her belly turned flat again, allowing her to fully lay on the grassy ground.

<i>Glorp.. Gwoorn..</i>

With those sounds echoing in the night forest, her digestive process was finally completed. After the initial boost to her tits, the totality of her prey was addressed to her rear. With the combined absorption of a fully grown trainer and his beloved Boltund, her ass had reached an astonishing size. A pair of fat orbs almost as big as Wailmers laid behind the mischievous vixen as she looked in front of her with an expression of pure bliss. She blinked a couple of times as she felt something go up her throat, as she most likely forgot that pokémon sometimes carried items that they were given by their trainers. Expecting it to be another air bubble and nothing more, she let that come out.


Along with a considerable amount of post-digestion air, indeed an item flew out of her mouth, to her surprise. A perfectly untouched Comet Shard hit the ground, shining under the starry sky. She had never seen one before, but she was going to be so happy after finding out how much it could be sold for. The girl let out a sigh, satisfied with both her hefty meals and what they carried, as she yawned and laid her head down to relax. Behind her, that huge ass wobbled faintly on its own. By digesting those two and taking their valuables, not only did she satisfy her own hunger and need of money, she also fulfilled a wish that every trainer has: to be forever together with their beloved pokémon.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

The more Thievul the better I say <3


Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

Dayum, great story and great art <3


Posted by PegaSUS 1 year ago Report

Missed your squish! Gorgeous curvature.


Posted by JackJackal 1 year ago Report

so many pokemon trainers getting eaten tonight!


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 year ago Report

Using her tail to kneed her belly? That's a neat idea!


Posted by Jumperjla 1 year ago Report

Gotta say, I've been quiet about it but I really like your art!!


Posted by denysvision 1 year ago Report

Quick questin,is thir character reprezentate you,because i don't wan't to get in conflicts,and i like this character


Posted by Zira 1 year ago Report

Nah, this one is a character Asaneman (and me partially) own.