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Total Party Wipe By Brazzel -- Report

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Her breath washed over Orlando. It smelled like Stacy. He closed his eyes, breathing in his girlfriend’s scent mixed with the pheromones that the horny lamia was emitting. Orlando was confused. This wasn’t the plan. Ceria’s tail felt good, stroking him. Her lips felt good on the side of his neck. Even her fat stomach pooling over his own fit abdomen felt nice. He was hurt that Stacy had chosen to have sex with Diego. He could use a little nice.

“Fine,” he said, and as soon as the words left his lips, his cock was pulled deep into Ceria and together, they heaved. Her tail wrapped thrice around him, squeezing his legs together. His face was buried between her sweaty tits. They hugged his head and he kissed them. Ceria pulled his head around to her nipple and forced him to suck.

Between the squirming in her stomach, the cock inside of her, and the stimulation to her breasts, Ceria was in heaven. It had been so long since the last time she had gotten off in the proper fashion. Masturbation only did so much for the lamia. She needed a man.

This was a $30 Patreon request and a sequel to this story. You can get one of these by becoming one of those as well as discounts on commissions and early access to stories.

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Posted by Bellyl0ver 2 months ago Report

Oh hey, this a sequel to that other story?


Posted by Brazzel 2 months ago Report

Indeed! I should probably put that in the description.


Posted by ryanshowseason3 2 months ago Report

Excellent. The character development on the lamia is subtle but well done. I hope to see more but I realize this is a commission.


Posted by Brazzel 2 months ago Report

I love preds that act big, but are really just bullies that don’t have much going for them besides the power high of eating people. I hope to see more of this story, too!


Posted by TimObberon 2 months ago Report

This is awesome, I love how you write predators.


Posted by Brazzel 2 months ago Report

Thank you <3 I love preds with a bit more personality than 'grab and gulp'.


Posted by Bright 2 months ago Report

I wonder if vore cuckolding should be a tag, haha.

Oh man, that d4 in the stomach must have been painful.

When Lamia is DM, every dungeon is Tomb of Horrors.


Posted by Brazzel 2 months ago Report

I bet she’d actually run the Tomb of Horrors.