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Hyena and shark By Strega -- Report

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The shark's girlfriend is a mermaid, and he's not at all happy about the thought of her ending up in the hyena's stomach. But if it's just some human in a mermaid outfit, as far as the shark is concerned the human can find their own way out of the situation they're in.

Another image inspired by Zig and Sharko, but drawn in my style since the cartoon is very stylized and I don't think I could do it justice. The cartoon gives us this interesting dynamic: Zig and Sharko are best friends, but Zig the brown hyena is constantly trying to eat Sharko's mermaid girlfriend. This leads Sharko to often have to beat him up, but that doesn't change the fact that they are friends. A compromise like the one here - the hyena eating a human in a mermaid suit instead - would probably make both of them happy.

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Posted by VampireBunny 2 weeks ago Report

aww... best frens!


Posted by Shadowclops2 2 weeks ago Report

This is based on a show and that’s the actual predicament??? What??


Posted by Strega 2 weeks ago Report

Nothing like this happens in the show. The hyena is constantly trying to eat the mermaid and the shark constantly stops him. Supposedly they are good friends but that doesn't show up in the episodes much. I thought a good compromise would be the hyena eating someone in a mermaid costume, thus this page.


Posted by Bobrocks 2 weeks ago Report

If im correct the show's called Zig and Sharko.


Posted by Strega 2 weeks ago Report



Posted by Malus 2 weeks ago Report

...saving your fellow pred indigestions from some mermaid suit, now that is class. ;-)


Posted by Garz 6 days ago Report

That got me to go look up a couple Zig and Sharko episodes! Very amusing in chunks, heh, although boy do I see what you mean about '...are you... sure you two are friends?' Although admittedly, she usually doesn't put too much focus in not getting eaten herself.

(Of course, clearly the show isn't meant to be taken super seriously!)

The startled look in panel four is particularly good. Portrays a 'Wait a minute - crap I've been caught!' kind of feeling.


Posted by Strega 6 days ago Report

It goes back and forth. There’s an episode that shows that Sharko can’t manage without Zig. Them being friends would explain why Sharko hasn’t long since eaten Zig, at least. 83