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Pith Meets Giraffe Mom 10 By Shyguy9 -- Report

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Part 10 of 15.

Giraffe Mom belongs to Javanshir and is used with his permission. Liz is my own OC addition!

Liz the Llama works at one of GM's favorite date night spots and has seen quite a few things. She also has the bad habit of chewing cud while on the job.

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Posted by Anon2727 9 months ago Report

The delightful continuation of this series is turning out to be an unexpected highlight of my week! Thank you!<3 uwu


Posted by Shyguy9 9 months ago Report



Posted by DirtyMac 9 months ago Report

Liz is such a cutie. <3


Posted by MaskedSinner 9 months ago Report

Agreed. I wanna pinch her cheeks.


Posted by Whereaminow27 9 months ago Report

It would be a touch challenge to get liz down, but Now I want to see it happen.


Posted by Kasra 9 months ago Report

Shoulda just accepted the cover story!


Posted by ScaryMottersters 9 months ago Report

Well they'll be leaving the bathroom eventually


Posted by Lurker45 9 months ago Report

Pith will be leaving the bathroom through the pipes.


Posted by bloodwolfvamp 9 months ago Report

you make some great comics


Posted by Indighost 9 months ago Report

The chewing seems oddly significant somehow, like chekhov's gun!


Posted by Lurker45 9 months ago Report

I think it's just a gag about her being a llama.


Posted by joe354 9 months ago Report

HMMMMM fucking love that this page a lot cause of llama and last panel. Need to master this dismissive/deflective dialogue that giraffe mama doing


Posted by abstractCourier 9 months ago Report

Llama girl cute asf!!


Posted by Skittles209 9 months ago Report

Love realistic ruminants. Or just creatures that normally chew an excessive amount of times.


Posted by Gorgrath177 9 months ago Report

Hope she and Sophie meet eventually


Posted by Flippy 9 months ago Report

she gonna shit soon


Posted by nanakra 9 months ago Report

Oh, he's on his way to the bathroom alright! ^^


Posted by daeway 9 months ago Report

Who is Javanshir?


Posted by Estee 9 months ago Report

A large Llama girl eh? Please tell me she gets eaten next.