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You see a four foot tall fairy standing before you.
"Hi there! I'm Nana" she says, waving happily.
"A little introduction about myself is in order I think! First, it's nice to meet you and thank you for your time!" She says, pausing to scratch at her eyebrow.
"Well, I already told you that I'm Nanakra, Nana for short. I'm a female fire fairy who wields chaotic wild magic. You see, I was hit by a terrible curse when I was younger, and ever since my magic hasn't been quite under my complete control." She sighs and shakes her head as she moves both of her arms behind her.
"But that's not important. What is, is that I'm looking for predators who are hungry!" she giggles and exclaims happily "Or... some small prey who may not want to feed my tummy tums! Though if you're bigger, well I may have a shrink spell up my sleeve somewhere, just as long as it doesn't back fire!"
Giggling she adds "Either way, things tend to get a bit messy with me, so if you like it graphic, painful, and going all the way to the flush, then I'm your girl!"

If you are looking to chat, or want to RP, check out my prefs: My F-List Profile with Kinks | My seeking an RP thread

I'm Nanakra#6720 on Discord chat, which is the best way to reach me.
Even though I'm not an artist, you can also find me at: DeviantArt | Fur Affinity
I've had a few different characters that I've retired over the years, so you may have know me as: Filo (The Dark Unicorn), Den'ni (A fairy attending magic school), Posha, Terry, and Chloe (Various Dragon morphs), or Soltarnar (A purple feral dragoness).

I am also a dev on the RPG Maker Game Predator's Coliseum

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