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A Fateful Night At the Strip Club By joeburp22181 -- Report

Titus was out for some fun in the last week day, before the weekend on vacation. Unable to find his friends that had drug him to a strip joint in this local town. One thing leading to another, the Diva of the entire show, LaKiesha Washington, would be seen presenting herself.

Titus would be the lucky recipient of an on-stage lap-dance, thereafter, for things to only get far more surreal. Offered a V.I.P. stay with the woman herself, it would be an offer the Vulp could never refuse.

A fun fuck, a nice bit of smothering, Kiesha would eat the little male alive. Digesting him down, the Queen of Divas would absorb what she could, and then relieve the rest of him from her body via normal means. Alas, she would not yet be done with him.

Taunting him, teasing him about his fate he seemed only to ask upon himself all the more with his words at the start, little could he know how much Kiesha would hold him to it, or could actually complete herself. Kiesha devoured his soul, absorbing every last bit of his essence to fuel her powers as a witch. And that would be that.

Titus then gone forever, he would be a part of Kiesha for always. It wouldn't take the Diva long to think about having her next V.I.P. private showing for the next Lucky ... victim.


RP Posted with the consent of Titus's Player.


OC done by Koi arts of Deviant Art - not fore resale or reuse.

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