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Such Temptation By SweetTastyPrey -- Report

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“Such awe, such sight, such…pudge. I must have it!” :O

These are the words of a rich admirer who stared in amazement and lust at Angelina, dancing around the pole, flaunting her precious booty at him.

Watching dat deery doe jiggling up and down, the thirst was real. Angelina leans in on him, holding onto his face, and whispers to move to a private room. As soon as Angelina finished her performance and walked back stage with her dollar greens, the admirer followed in desperation, waiting for this heavenly angel to take him to wonderland.

Waiting, Angelina comes out in a slightly different attire and takes him by the hand to a private room where her new client can become a lot more…accustomed with her best practices.

In the room, she performs a bit for him on the pole, continually making him drop money on her and desperate to grasp her pudgy body. Angelina then moves to sit on top of his lap and he feels her massive weight and round squishiness of her butt and belly, pressing heavily on him. She lays him down on the couch and places her hands on his chest and soothes him with gentle whispers while she starts to unbutton his shirt and loosens his belt.

She notices how turned on he is and reaches below, peaking his horniness levels up high. Soon after, she leans forth to give him a lick on his neck to which he responds with pulling her to make love while squeezing every bit of her that he can.

Angelina obliges to his demand as he feels his entire body become engulfed by her chubby body. As the two continue, Angelina has him where she wants him. Pinned down like the simple minded prey that he is, Angelina opens her mouth and begins to swallow him head first.

Confused, he tries to resist, but this massive doe outweighs him and he is stuck feeling himself slowly being pulled further into her throat. She continues swallowing him more and more, with him moaning to get out, but he isn’t going nowhere except straight into her gut.

Once she finishes devouring him whole, she pants for a bit while he struggles to get out. All his movement causes gas build up inside until she releases a mighty burp. Quite content, she carries him back to the dance pole and gives him a final dancing performance, one that I’m sure he’ll never forget.

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 11 months ago Report

Absolutely gorgeous


Posted by Tafillia 11 months ago Report

So lovely n soft~<3


Posted by Nemyon 11 months ago Report

i would love to swallow her next heh


Posted by SonicSR71 11 months ago Report

Heh... yeah, I’m sure that’ll he never forget that performance, since he’ll more then like be another layer of doe pudge on her body by the end of the night, knowing Angelina’s reputation and what not.~ X3

Another fantastic piece here SweetTastyPrey! Really like the pose she’s taken in this shot and the story to go along with it. Just goes to show to be careful when taking an interest in Angelina’s shows; you might just end up becoming part of the show. (Unless of course that was your intention all along; then by all means. XD)


Posted by c0sm0s 11 months ago Report

One of my favorites you've done! Pose, expression - all amazing!


Posted by bloodwolfvamp 10 months ago Report

looks fun