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Dragoness Happy ending By Slash -- Report

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You know of the fairy tales of knights and dragons right. Well it seems that this dragoness want's to swallow her up a different way. Quite a shameful and sad ending.....unless your a dragon. ^^

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Posted by Anonymous 15 years ago Report

Mmm... I wonder what she has in store for the knight once she's finished off the damsel in distress? It's nice to see that you're starting to draw nipples on your latest works... I love your other ones, like the hyena, but they'd be even better with nipples and naughty bits. ^.^


Posted by Eka 15 years ago Report

Really amazing unbirth drawing. I find the size ration just right for the ideal predator vs prey scenario. The little floating heart also made it rather lovely. ^^


Posted by Kaliera 15 years ago Report

I was really confused at first, the human's legs are kind of easily confused by the dragon's foot, but once I realized what was happening it turns out to be a great picture :D


Posted by Anonymous 15 years ago Report

Wonderfully sloppy and delicious, :K9


Posted by Karbo 15 years ago Report

Nice drawing. The expression of the happy dragoness is great ^^ I just wish those legs would be kicking and flailing a bit :)


Posted by Jahan 15 years ago Report

I was hoping you'd do some drawings like this. Very, very well done. =)


Posted by Angel 15 years ago Report

I'm no dragon and I still think it's a happy end.


Posted by Slash 15 years ago Report

Thanx for the great comments everyone.^^ To be honest, this is my first try on unbirthing.


Posted by Anonymous 15 years ago Report

Cool picture, though I must wonder what the 'ending' for the knight'll be. Particularly given the variable nature of unbirthing, whether it's used as a route to digestion or to recreate the character as the unbirther's species. I think this still has a chance to be 'continued' in a later picture. Least that's my spin on it.


Posted by Rodent 15 years ago Report

Very nice pic. I really like the way the dragoness came out. Excellent musculature and posture. I also really like how easy the victory seemed to be. Dragons that grow to this size would be able to easily handle a single man with a sword and this picture does a great job in representing that. I agree with Kaliera in that I was a bit thrown off at first as well by the female's legs sticking out. While a wonderful picture, you sort of committed one of those infamous 'no-no's' when dealing with B&W line art. That being, having the direction and flow of the lines of different, over-lapping objects, going the same way. The lines that form the female's legs flow and 'connect' with the lines that form the dragoness' leg, causing the viewer's eye to blend them together into one object. While not usually a problem with shaded or color pics, with line-art like this, it's one of those many things you should try to avoid. Beyond that, it's a wonderful pic that makes me wish even more that dragons were real. ;)


Posted by DragonessLife 15 years ago Report

Great job! I alway love dragoness too. I want see your more dragoness vore.


Posted by Anonymous 14 years ago Report

This is a great pic. ^.^ I love the detail and the expression of the dragoness. ^^


Posted by Anonymous 14 years ago Report

Awesome pic Slash!!! My guess is that those two lucky knights will be turned into dragons later on!! oooh I wish this would happen to me!!!


Posted by Anonymous 14 years ago Report

My bad I didn't realise it was a princess not a knight!!^^ Anywho..Hope ya make more dragon unbirth pics Slash!!^_^


Posted by Reiko 13 years ago Report

Hehe those poor princesses!


Posted by Sith 12 years ago Report

omg nice, not enough dragon unbirth out there good work ^_^

The Requester

Posted by The Requester 12 years ago Report

very nice


Posted by FutaFan 12 years ago Report

lovely :,) i love happy endings