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Chocola RPG Ep 3 Chapter 1 available By CarnivorousVixen -- Report

Uploaded: 9 months ago

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Chocola RPG Episode 3 Chapter 1 is available now! Features:

-8 vore scenes:
4 animated pictures
1 sprite animation
1 that happens during a fight
2 interactive scenes (where you can still control your character)

-2 mini games: Darts and Maze Mania (like Pacman)

-A ticket redemption system: Win tickets from arcade games and redeem them for prizes. Only one has a use this chapter, but you never know if the others might be useful for a later quest.

-Find micros around the city

This is my first RPG Maker title with 100% original graphics, I've always done my own sprites but now the tilesets are made my me as well

DOWNLOAD (current version: 1.0.1):

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Posted by 676darkness 9 months ago Report



Posted by JesseClark9 9 months ago Report

Marvelous! I'll check it out after work tomorrow ^^


Posted by Stelos 9 months ago Report

It is here!!!


Posted by YouCanFreshMyFresh 9 months ago Report

I can hardly believe it’s here, and so soon as well! This has immediately become my weekend plans, thank you so much for your industriousness, Ms. Foxxe!


Posted by GoldenHeart 9 months ago Report

When I get a computer I’m downloading all these episodes and playing them in one big block, always nice seeing you post stuff CarnivorousVixen


Posted by Mesechi 9 months ago Report

good god yes


Posted by Badfurson 9 months ago Report

Coolio~ I'm looking forward to checking this out!


Posted by AmonPyro 9 months ago Report

Lets go!


Posted by ScarfBoo 9 months ago Report

Awesome can't wait to try it out


Posted by deman 9 months ago Report

Its soooo epic~!


Posted by TarenGe 9 months ago Report

Just woke up to this and can’t wait to get started!


Posted by Marchy81 9 months ago Report



Posted by reliuskaiser 9 months ago Report

Can't wait to try this baby out~<3


Posted by Leika 9 months ago Report

I hope I can find time to play this soon. Very excited!


Posted by kokkim 9 months ago Report

Fantastic stuff! I was especially happy to see some more inflation/expansion content too! There's just a depressing lack of that stuff in fetish games.


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 8 months ago Report

Thanks so much


Posted by Sumfkr 9 months ago Report



Posted by Sumfkr 8 months ago Report

This is amazing, you've improved so much from the last game. I cant wait for the full game to come out


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 8 months ago Report

Thanks I'm happy to hear


Posted by VexerHoodie 8 months ago Report

The pixal art is so good! Glad the cat from the previous game came back.


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 8 months ago Report

Thanks and yeah I really like her


Posted by ToriRune 8 months ago Report

Hm, what were all the vore scenes?


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 8 months ago Report

Other than losing scenarios theres no hidden ones


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 8 months ago Report

Too tired to respond to everyone but thanks for your support everyone whether or not you actually see this comment hehe


Posted by Bunnicula 7 months ago Report

Nice. Great to see you thriving. Despite the covid situation.