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The Freshmen Experience By Winny -- Report

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Hello all you lovely degenerates~ It's time for another episode of something totally degenerate and down right Dystopian. From the title its obvious that we get a glimpse into Freshmen life at the academy.

There will also be a decent amount of lore dump, and how society itself has changed and the people that have changed.

And yes, disregard of life EVERYWHERE!

This is probably up there in most degenerate content for TGODG series, so just be warned about that.

As always, I love you all and leave a comment if you loved it or not! <3

((P.S Every male inside the story is an effeminate little bubble butted butt slut. They look nearly identical to girls. A good way to view it, is if the school was somehow an all girls slutty catholic school. Where it's filled with Girls, and Girls(Boys).)) <3

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Posted by Cobbly 5 months ago Report

You could just make the boys herms too


Posted by Winny 5 months ago Report

The universe doesn't have human herms, the main point is to show just how much the boys are changing forcefully. ^^;


Posted by theonlymatt 5 months ago Report

I love your stories but I feel like the humans would be extinct within a year at the rate they're eaten.


Posted by wolfSnack 5 months ago Report

There has to be some kind of systematic breeding program... But the anthros don't seem particularly concerned with long-term consequences XD


Posted by Winny 5 months ago Report

Theres actual lore reasons why its not as bad as it looks, ill be going into more detail in the next piece. <3


Posted by wolfSnack 5 months ago Report

This was a great chapter. I loved the section about The Pits and fertilizer collection/production. Can we see more of that in future chapters? :D


Posted by AlexSama 5 months ago Report

Another excellent story, especially the detailed prey perspective of the the main character in the end after introducing the viewership.


Posted by grz01 5 months ago Report

I love the way they get turned on watching the struggles of the prey already within the anthro bellies knowing that they'll be next - I always look forward to your stories and re-read them regularly.


Posted by ErRynArya 5 months ago Report

So we're definitely going to send our children here right? Totally not because I want to watch them all fail while we fuck on the couch or anything, purely because I want them to have a good and all expenses paid education~


Posted by EloquentOrc 4 months ago Report

I must admit the academy stories don't really work for me so far. It's not I don't like them, I really do.
It's just that they seem too fast paced for me. Every time I am getting into a vore scene, it's on to the next. Like being dragged through a buffet, only getting a quick taste of everything. Then you're out the door, still hungry.
I fully acknowledge that this is probably just my experience. And I only bring it up because I know from my own writing how much feedback matters.
So, if there is anything useful in this, good. If not, just ignore it, it is just my opinion.
Regardless, I think you are one the best vore writers out there.


Posted by Winny 4 months ago Report

In all honesty this story started out as 10 pages, and roughly half the word count. What ended up happening was that while proofing the story I started to get different idea's when I started thinking of different view points or character situations while going through it.

Things like Mia's mothers situation, or the commercial in the hallway are two very obvious signs of this.

I agree with what you've said, a good way to think of this story is a bunch of smaller scenes put together, with the notion that "Anyone is not safe, here let me prove it." Floating around.


Posted by lorenzo64 2 months ago Report

As I followed the three friends, Chris, Jay, and Susie and their conversations, they eventually ended up in Hana's math class for a test. Jay's plight was covered quite well. But Chris and Susie were suddenly mixed together in Hana's gut with no transition. I'd love to know their thoughts and conversations leading up to and after the blowjob, How Hana grabbed them or did they go up to their teacher the show off their 100%s, and what they did in Hana's belly before they were mixed together and those conversations as well.

Just asking but fans can be sooo demanding can't they.