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Maya was a young woman with wavy blonde hair and a stunning figure that anyone would go nuts for. Unfortunately though, in this ever-changing and tumultuous world of warcraft, having good looks had its downsides... Namely, that she would be a prize catch for any hungry pred on the prowl! To make matters worse, it wasn't just the beasts and monsters that she needed to be wary of - it was easy enough to avoid those - the real danger was other members of the alliance.

Technically, eating a citizen of one of the sentient races was illegal in the Alliance, but adventurers and hero's enjoyed certain privileges afforded by their status - and authorities were happy to look the other way in exchange for their continued service.

Due to this rather unfortunate reality, working in a tavern was just about the most risky profession possible for a pretty young lady like Maya, but it was the only job she could get. She would have liked to learn a fancy craft like Tailoring, but it was just far too expensive for a commoner like her. Even a handful of linen scraps could cost as much as 4 gold pieces! Only adventurers had that kind of opulent wealth to throw around. She did try applying for an apprenticeship, but soon discovered that the competition was just too high, and aside from her stunning looks, she didn't have enough distinguishing qualities to stand out amongst her peers in the big city.

And so, Maya found herself working in a dingy tavern in the back of no-where, struggling to scrape enough tips together to one day elevate herself out of food chain and move to the city where she would find relative safety.

Maya didn't tend to the tavern alone however, she shared the responsibilities with her best friend, Triste - a fiery red head, with a crescent scar on one cheek and a loud personality. Triste always dominated whatever room she was in, which helped Maya sink into the background and remain largely unnoticed as she went about her business. Additionally, Triste was always there to shoo off any drunk patrons who happened to pay a little too much attention to the timid blonde, and most decided that trying to get through the red head just wasn't worth the effort.


Maya sat on the edge of Triste's bed, pouting. “Do you have to go? Can't it wait?”

Triste rolled her eyes as she attempted to stuff yet more clothing into her already bulging luggage “I'm only going to Stormwind for a few days, I'll be back before you know it!”

This was the first time that Maya would be left alone to tend the tavern by herself, and she was more than a little apprehensive.

“I know, it's just...”

“Look, I know you have this whole... 'thing' about being eaten, but have you ever considered just accepting that it's gonna happen sooner or later and move on with your life? If you're not careful, then one day you're gonna realise that you've spent your whole life worrying about something you can't even change”

“That's easy for you to say” Maya crossed her arms grumpily, “you're probably going to go on tons of adventures, and get married, and grow old... It's not fair!”

“Maybe, but I'll still only have around 80 years if I'm lucky, and night elves can live for thousands! You don't see me getting all mopey about all the stuff they'll get to experience after I'm gone. It's all relative. You just gotta try to live life while you can”

Maya looked down, dejected, “It's not the same thing...”

Y'know...” Triste glanced at her friend with a mischievous glint in her eye, “If you wanted, I could eat you before I leave... just gulp you down right here to get it over with-Oof” She flinched as a she was hit in the arm with a balled up sock, and rubbed her shoulder in mock pain. She laughed and shrugged, “Well, the offer's on the table if you change your mind”

Maya rolled her eyes, and the conversation moved on to more pleasant matters as Triste continued her preparations.


The following evening, the tavern thrummed with activity as the night got into full swing. A small crowd had gathered around one table where some dwarves were playing cards and taunting each other in the spirit of friendly competition. Other tables had grisled veterans loudly swapping stories of their valour, or people just generally having a good time.

Maya bustled around between the many tables, silently taking orders and delivering drinks. She took some comfort in knowing that she would probably be safe while she was the only person on staff, since if she suddenly disappeared then so would the supply of alcohol - and the patrons knew it. Even so, she had deliberately worn baggy clothes, and scuffed up her hair to make herself as unappealing as possible - although if anything that just made her even cuter.

The evening progressed mostly without incident. A few guests got a little handsy - as always - but nothing major happened.

At the bell, guests started slowly filing out into the cold night air, and as the last visitor finally stumbled out the door, Maya walked around the tables and collected any mugs. She scrubbed them all off like usual and placed them in a crate, which she then hefted into her arms before walking to the storage room around the back of the bar.

A wave of stale air assaulted her senses as she shouldered her way through the heavy door into the store room of the tavern, and she placed the crate on the floor before lighting a torch and hooking it onto the wall. It had been a long night, and as she began to put the mugs away she allowed herself a brief sigh of relief.

As she stacked the last mug on the shelves however, she heard the door creak open behind her, and a cold shiver ran up her spine. She froze in place. Don't panic, it was probably just the wind! she thought to herself. Slowly, she turned around, and her heart jumped as she saw the shadowy silhouette of a female Worgen standing in the doorway.

“Uh.. y-you're not supposed to be back here...” Maya squealed meekly.

As the Worgen stepped into the light, Maya could see that the intruder was wearing some kind of leather armour, which immediately identified her as an adventurer. Probably a rogue judging by the daggers that swung menacingly by her hips as she casually slunk into the room. “Hey there...” the Worgen breathed huskily, continuing her approach as Maya slowly backed into the far wall. “Where's the red head tonight?”

“Sh-she had to run some errands, she should be back any minute!” Maya lied.

“Uh huh....” the Worgen took another step, and unclipped her shoulder pads and belt, letting them clatter to the floor behind her. She maintained eye contact with her frightened quarry as she slowly walked across the room, removing another item of clothing with each step until she was completely nude. She lent in, and placed a hand on the wall either side of the human girl, who blushed bright red as the furry breasts stopped inches away from her face. “Do you like them?” The Worgen teased, “It took a lot of cute girls to get them this big...” she licked her lips for emphasis.

Maya shut her eyes and whimpered “P-please...”

“I'm Keira, what's your name?”

“I-I'm Maya...” the timid human responded automatically.

Mmm, that's a nice name. Nice to meet you Maya...” Keira placed a long, sharp claw at the front of Maya's collar, and yanked it downwards, tearing her tunic open from neck to navel in one swift motion and exposing the girl's soft, pale skin to the flickering torch light. She then pushed her left hand through the now completely open fabric and slipped it around the girls breast, before squeezing it gently and nodding in approval.

Having clearly made up her mind, the Worgen continued unwrapping the human girl, and in no time she had torn apart every remaining item of clothing, and the girl was now standing completely naked, surrounded by scraps of cloth.

Before Maya could protest any further, she felt a pair of powerful hands grab her by the shoulders and she was pulled into a tight embrace. She immediately noted how soft and thick the fur was as her head was cradled in the Worgen's warm fluffy bossom.

Keira began to stroke the top of Maya's head, and cooed softly “Don't be nervous little one. This is just nature...”

For some reason, Maya found herself unable to muster a response. Something about being cocooned in the soft fur, and the Worgen's scent and soft voice made her instinctively want to relax. It felt like she was a baby being cradled by her mother. She felt all her worries and anxiety's melt away as she stood there. *Would it really be so bad...* she thought to herself, before trying to snap back to reality *N-no! I don't want to die!* The two sides of her consciousness - rational and emotional - battled for supremacy as her body continued to become more pliable. *But I am going to be inside her belly soon, and in a few days I'll just be a pile of poop. There's nothing I can about that now... Wouldn't it be easier to just accept it?*

The Worgen continued to caress her prey, sensing her would-be meal's internal conflict and patiently allowing it to run it's course while she smelled the girls hair and imagined what she was going to feel like sliding down her throat. Eventually, she pushed the girl away from herself, and grabbed her under the arm pits before effortlessly hoisting her into the air until their heads were level. She noticed that her prey didn't make any noise, and was instead staring fixedly at her mouth. She smiled, and let her maw slowly yawn open, giving her meal a good look at where she was about to end up.

Maya's eyes widened as she stared into the gaping black abyss that she knew was about to consume her. She still didn't want to die, but she no longer had any control of her body. The mixture of fear and hormones had caused her body to become completely limp, and all she could do was watch helplessly as the dripping maw moved ever closer. As it approached her face, she felt a tingle run down her spine as her head was pressed against the slimy tongue and she felt the crown of her head enter the predator's throat. For a moment she questioned whether or not she would even fit through an opening so small, and a hint of hope washed over her mind, before she felt the muscles gape open and her head slid effortlessly inside. She sputtered as the slippery walls pulsated all around her face, but found that she could somehow still breath. As she feared, it seemed she was going to be alive for the whole sordid process.

Soon, she felt the Worgen attempting to squeeze and press her bountiful breasts inside the pointy rows of teeth. It was clearly a challenge, but the Worgen didn't seem to mind, and began to moan softly as the soft round orbs pressed against her tongue. Maya could hear the sound of moaning emanating all around her as her tender breasts were gently nibbled and licked. She felt the hands that had been around her arms shift downwards, until she was being held by her hips, and couldn't help but gasp as she felt a furry hand slip between her legs.

After what seemed like an eternity, the Worgen finally lifted her meal's hips up until the torso was horizontal, and then pulled on the girl's hips, pulling her further inside.

Maya felt her breasts enter the gullet, and all rational thought seemed to leave her as the wet muscles surrounding her body pounded her soft flesh on all sides. As she slowly slid further in, her head pressed against something for a moment, before she felt it open up and she breached into the Worgen's waiting stomach. She felt the warm air wash over her face, but it only served to further subdue the delicate young woman.

Firmly grabbing her meal's juicy hips, Keira turned around and lent against the wall, allowing herself to slide downwards until she was sitting on the floor, with a pair of perfectly smooth legs sticking out of her mouth. She then began to squeeze the juicy flesh inside herself, moaning louder as her tongue snaked its way between her legs and plunged into her meal's nethers.

Maya's body went completely rigid for a moment as she felt the slimy appendage enter her womanhood. She gasped loudly and began to gyrate. The sensation of her breasts being crushed inside the tight gullet, her thighs being squeezed by the Worgen, and her sex being stimulated by the Worgen's obviously well-practised tongue was just too much to bare, and any small amount of resistance remaining vanished as she began to moan in unison with her captor.

The two women held this position for several minutes, their combined moans of pleasure growing louder and louder until they were screaming and thrashing in ecstasy as their bodies literally combined.

After a while, Maya went limp once more, completely spent, and Keira lifted the smooth, motionless legs of her meal above her head and started casually slurping them down like sexy noodles. She continued to savour every flavour as the knees slipped past her lips, and then the silky calves. Finally stopping as the feet entered her and she slowly closed her mouth around them, sealing her meal completely inside her.

After another few hearty gulps, Maya's legs splashed into the stomach with the rest of her and she curled up into a tight ball, still panting heavily.

Keira lent her head back against the wall, “Mmmmm, oh my god, you tasted incredible....” she moaned softly while cradling her now woefully distended belly.

Maya took a second to regain her voice, before mumbling a response “Th-thank you...”

Keira chuckled and squeezed her belly tighter “I can't believe you just thanked me for killing you. You're such a perfect little meat-slut...”

Maya went silent, *That's right, I'm going to die in here...* she thought to herself as the reality of the situation came back to her. Panic one again began to creep into the edges of her mind as the after-glow started wearing off *Why didn't I resist? I know she's much stronger than me but it would have been hard to get me down if I struggled-No...* she interrupted herself. There was no use trying to pretend any more. The very fact that being consumed had felt so insanely good could only mean one thing. She really was just food. This was her destiny from the moment she was born. Her entire life had just been one long process to grow her meat into the best, most succulent meat it could be, and now she was going to be slowly churned away and forgotten, just like nature had always intended.

“W-will it... hurt?” she asked quietly, the muffled voice just barely making it outside of her fluffy confines.

“You're about to be dissolved alive by acids, what do you think...?”

Maya looked down at her wet body. She noticed that the sack containing her had slowly been filling up with acids and she was now submerged up to her chest. She wondered if it was going to stop, and couldn't decide if she would prefer to drown in acids or go out the slow way. The acid did stop rising though, and she was left about 50% submerged in the bubbling liquid.

For the first 30 minutes or so, nothing much happened, and Maya just sat there, wondering how Triste was getting on in Stormwind, and how she was going to react to her death. Now that she had finally come to terms with the fact that she was food, she realised that she should have just let her friend eat her. It was so obvious, that she would have kicked herself if she could move at all. She should have stripped down on that bed, covered herself in aromatic oils and just let Triste gulp her down.

Still though, she appreciated the fact that the Worgen had been very gentle, and had allowed her to take equal pleasure during the whole process. She had heard horrible stories of some pred's preferred eating habits, and was glad that her own final experience had been so hot.

Maya started to wince as she felt the acids begin to burn into the skin around her thighs and hips, and before long she was screaming in pain as chunks of her flesh started to slough off her bones and settle at the bottom of the bubbling acids where they slowly started to disintegrate further. Within an hour, the flesh on her thighs had melted down to the bone, and she could only watch helplessly as her now disconnected calves floated on the acid in front of her.

After another hour, her right breast fell off, and she lifted it up in both hands, staring solemnly at the perfectly round mound of flesh. She had always been proud of her figure, despite it's many dangers, but now there wasn't much left of her once gorgeous body.

Staring down at the orb in her hand, a strange thought crossed her mind and a shiver ran up her spine. She slowly brought it up to her lips, and licked it. Her face blushed bright red as an explosion of flavour overwhelmed her senses. What was that insane flavour?? She opened her mouth and wrapped it around the flesh. It was so incredibly soft! She bit down, and found her teeth went through it like butter. It was the most succulent and tender piece of meat she had ever eaten, and she started to seriously wonder how she had managed to survive so long. She knew that the Worgen had obviously enjoyed her, but if she had known she tasted like this she would have eagerly jumped down a hungry throat years ago!

The meat melted in her mouth as she moved it around with her tongue, trying to savour every exquisite flavour before swallowing it and moaning softly. Without a moment's hesitation she took another bite, and then another... and in no time she had consumed the entire thing. She lent back, panting softly and only wishing the experience could have lasted forever. Upon looking down once more at her now ravaged body however, she noticed that her other breast was still attached to her chest! A primal hunger overcame her once more and she tugged at the squishy meat. She could tell that the acids had started to work away at the base, but it was still firmly connected at the top. Pulling harder, she winced slightly as the flesh pulled away from her chest, and she eagerly started stuffing her face into it. Greedily tearing off chunks and slurping them down.

Once she had finished her 'second course', Maya relaxed once more against the back of the stomach walls, and let herself slide down. In the heat of the moment she had forgotten the pain, but it was returning now that the distraction was over. Even so, she never once begged for release as her body continued to dissolve around her and her voice grew course from screaming.

After a while, Maya's limbs had been completely dissolved and she was no longer able to support herself. She started slowly slipping down into the acids.

“Feels like you're nearly done...” Keira said softly as she stroked her belly. She had been in a near constant state of arousal as she felt her meal scream and thrash inside her, and was a little sad that the experience was now drawing to an end. She knew that there would plenty more meals ahead though, this was just one more quick snack in what would no-doubt be a long and fulfilling life.

“Th-thank you... for.. eating me... I h-hope I was... good....” Maya whispered. This time it wasn't an automatic, knee-jerk response. She was genuinely grateful that the powerful predator had introduced her to her true calling and allowed her to fulfil her life's purpose.

“Oh yeah, don't worry about that. You were easily in the top 5% of girls I've eaten...”

“W-will you r-mber me...?”

Keira laughed “Well I wouldn't go that far. You're still just a lump of meat after all. I've eaten hundreds of girls before you, and I'll eat hundreds more. You were pretty tasty but you're still just a quick snack”

Maya felt a strange comfort in knowing that the Worgen didn't have any strong feelings about her one way or another. It helped cement the idea in her mind that she really was just another sack of meat. She wasn't supposed to be remembered like real people were. She was supposed to just be eaten for a few hours of pleasure, churned into poop and then forgotten.

As her neck and chin slid under the acids she let herself relax. She no longer feared death, in fact now it was all she wanted. A small part of her body would go towards padding the Worgen's already ample bosom, the rest of her would become a pile of poop somewhere, and a small amount of sanity would return to this crazy world she was born into.

Her nose dipped under, and a few moments later she passed out for the last time.

Keira smiled and rubbed her belly, sensing that her meal was finally gone. The rest of the digestive process went by fairly quickly, and soon all the remaining flesh was an amorphous mess of mush and nutrients. She pushed herself up into a squat and dumped the remains out onto the stone floor beneath her. There was nothing to give away the fact that the brown pile had once been a stunning young woman except for the few tufts of wavy blonde hair and bones mixed in.

Keira picked up her clothes, and walked out the door, her mind already moving on to other things.


Triste was glad to be back, as she entered the tavern a few days later. The morning sun was warm on her skin, and there was a pleasant breeze in the air. She was eager to ask Maya about how she had fared, but her brow furrowed as she found the place empty. This was unusual since Maya was always the first to arrive, and she had expected to find her waiting behind the bar.

She tried calling out but didn't get a response, so she decided to walk behind the bar to see if she was out the back. As she approached the store room an acrid smell hit her, causing her to screw up her face. She paused at the door, before pushing it open, and gasped as she saw a huge pile of faeces, bone fragments, and... blonde hair... “Oh Maya...”.

She muttered a curse under her breathe and grabbed a shovel, “The bastard could at least have had the decency to dump her outside though...”


Thought it was about time I did another WoW thing! :3

Did this back in February but there were a lot of things I wasn't happy with so I put off uploading it. I spent so long tweaking it and making modifications though that I can't bring myself to work on it any more, so it was just sitting in my folder gathering dust

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Posted by Estee 4 months ago Report

Good prey, she knows that her pain does not matter and that she's better off as body fat on her better.


Posted by RoTheHuman 4 months ago Report

Ooh, lovely story and great art too.


Posted by hunnter 4 months ago Report

Thanks ^^


Posted by Svartvinge 4 months ago Report

very lovely story and art ^^ always awesome with sneaky worgen preds!


Posted by hunnter 4 months ago Report

Thanks so much! :D


Posted by GreyFox4824 4 months ago Report

Yes, a worgen pred! <3!!!


Posted by EloquentOrc 4 months ago Report

I really like how your stories blend the preys fear and desire, pain and pleasure.