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The Hungry Hearts Hotel By TarenGe -- Report

You need a place to stay for the night and go to a cheap hotel on the edge of an unfamiliar city, but the staff is friendly and the amenities are nice, surely this will end well.... right?

(Happy 8/8 everybody!)
Here's a story that  wolfsnack helped me write based on a dream I had. Please show them your support as they helped me on this a lot more than you can imagine. XD

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Posted by vixingirl 2 months ago Report

I love the twist! I enjoyed it very well ;3


Posted by TarenGe 2 months ago Report

Thank you! I’m glad you like it XD


Posted by Architect 2 months ago Report

First, I love the story. Definitely one of my favorites on this site.
Though, I can see the influence from the 'graduation' universe here. NGL, the 'humans as livestock' concept really rubs me the wrong way, but it is subtle enough here to let me enjoy the story. Great work!


Posted by TarenGe 2 months ago Report

I’m glad you like it! And while it was based on my dream and I wrote a bit or it,  wolfsnack was the main writer which is where the “graduation” feel and the human livestock concept came from.


Posted by wolfSnack 2 months ago Report

I just have a lot of trouble writing true "unwilling" vore universes because it implies a certain type of *unlikeable* sociopathy in predators.

The "muahahaha, digest and suffer for me" Snidely Whiplash kind of generic villainy isn't a thing I'm good at writing, ya know? ;) I can enjoy reading it, but writing it makes me feel slimy.

Still, I'm glad you liked this story, Architect, even if it had elements you weren't a fan of :)


Posted by Architect 2 months ago Report

The willing human was fine, good even if I prefer my unwilling. You did a really good job and I would definitely like to see more of Canis. You wrote the prey pretty well, personality wise, same with the predators :3


Posted by somedude601 1 month ago Report

Man. With most of the stories revolving around Jamie, who is very intelligent, I never really thought about just how... stupid humans are in this world. "Hungry Hearts Hotel, hm yes oh must be a glitch in the system"


Posted by TarenGe 1 month ago Report

Much of my original dream was rewritten and tweaked by wolfSnack as we were writing it. While this does give it a similar feel to Graduation, it isn’t set in the same universe.