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Kathleen Asserts Dominance By Gorgrath177 -- Report

Kathleen was sitting uncomfortably at her desk, her noisy belly tucked away beneath it and her big butt creaking the chair she was sitting on. Both her and Annie managed to reach their final class for today with barely enough time to not get punished, however her most recent meal caught the attention of the whole class as well as the professor. It has already been 20 minutes since the lesson started and everyone besides the two girls were on edge. Due to the muffled screams coming from her huge belly. This bothered her a lot, she hated when people looked at her in fear of being eaten on the spot, like a monster. She wasn’t even planning to eat anyone today! If only that bully had left her Annie alone, she wouldn’t be stewing into sludge in her stomach…
Kathleen made a silent prayer to her victim squirming for her life inside her: may Jesus give her a peaceful passing, both in spirit and physically.
“At least I’ll make sure to...release you in a beautiful place…” she thought as she gave a gentle pat to her wobbling belly. Unfortunately, the pat was enough to rattle her inside enough for…
A foul blast erupted from her plump ass, abruptly interrupting the lesson.
“M-miss Booker! That’s very inappropriate!” said the professor turning around from the blackboard.
“S-s-sorry!” said Kathleen, red as a ripe tomato.
Behind her, the students fanned away the smelly air that hit them a few seconds later, all of them except Annie, who was conveniently placed right behind Kathleen. Annie had eyes only for her and inhaled deeply at her gas expulsion, creeping out a few of the other girls that managed to notice that.

A commission from  bG based on a scene from the very first appearance of my OC’s Kathleen & Annie!

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Posted by Odin1366 3 months ago Report

What’s with the red armed chick in the back?


Posted by Gorgrath177 3 months ago Report

Left the background students up to the artist. Just part of their style.


Posted by bG 3 months ago Report

My snake girl Unah! ^^


Posted by Gorgrath177 3 months ago Report

She’s cute :3

Obviously not a fan of Kathleen’s poots >:3


Posted by Raesetsu 3 months ago Report

I wish there was more graphic digestion, is there going to be a continuation of this?


Posted by Gorgrath177 3 months ago Report

Probably not but I plan for there to be much more of Kathleen and Annie’s vorish adventures commissioned over time :3


Posted by Raesetsu 3 months ago Report

:( I'd love to see the bully as soup


Posted by Tereus27 3 months ago Report

Very nice artwork. I would love to see more of these beautiful characters.


Posted by Hawkeye7 3 months ago Report

Wow, loved the picture, and the expression on the characters faces! So we’ll done!


Posted by Pulchritudinous_Cenobite 3 months ago Report

Time to turn her into a turd.


Posted by carlj 2 months ago Report

bG did an amazing job depicting that scene ^^


Posted by Gorgrath177 2 months ago Report

He sure did :3

Really captured Annie being a pervy fart-sniffing lesbian lol


Posted by Vorachist22 2 weeks ago Report

Love the look on the girls face as she smells the fart.