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Dragon meat for the worthy By Tasley9 -- Report

ngl getting drunk and eating your friends is hot
normalize eating your friends

Also, I guess this is my first willing vore. Disgusting.

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Posted by theunknownspy 11 months ago Report

Kobayashi is in a constant state of pain throughout this comic.


Posted by Tasley9 11 months ago Report



Posted by unzipsdick 11 months ago Report

holy shit talsey did willing i'm marking this day on my calendar so i can celebrate it every year


Posted by marceber 11 months ago Report

Following the continuity of the previous drawing, Kobayashi liked the taste of the tail, so Tohru offered the rest and Kobayashi said yes.

Also, damn, that is a great sequence


Posted by pokebreeder25 11 months ago Report

shame she didn't get a boob size upgrade


Posted by Nyabulon 11 months ago Report

Ahhh, yep. This is a good. This is a v good.


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 11 months ago Report

Love this~ choragon is chub for her lover~


Posted by RediQ 11 months ago Report

this is such an incredibly hot digestion sequence, gosh


Posted by Gorgrath177 11 months ago Report

Damn Tohru couldn’t stop at just tails huh?


Posted by carlj 11 months ago Report

Amazing work! She's such an underrated character ^^


Posted by Odang77 11 months ago Report

Wait haven't you done at oeast one willing pic before, if I recall? Or is it a joke in the desc


Posted by Perodian 11 months ago Report

voluntarily devoured comic was willing


Posted by VerySomething 10 months ago Report

Haha the funny on the last panel


Posted by daeway 6 months ago Report

There is something satisfying about a woman digesting an entire dragon.
Plus one for humans!