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RWBY sketch By Lampton -- Report

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A gift sequence made for a friend last month.

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Posted by Phorcyz19 1 month ago Report

YESSSS, this is SO GOOD.


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

thanks! :)


Posted by EndercreeperMugen 1 month ago Report

best girl


Posted by LIamINSecret 1 month ago Report

This is so god damn good


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

thanks! Glad it turned out well despite the slight rush.


Posted by kurumii 1 month ago Report

i love this


Posted by joe354 1 month ago Report

OH~ i know who would have ask for this lol great work!


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

Thanks >:P


Posted by Heymanand 1 month ago Report

Yo RWBY in your style looks fantastic. And that butt-up pose for Nora in Neo's stomach is so good!


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

thank you! And glad to hear it, coming up with plausible but interesting internal poses is always such a challenge.


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

This is how that series should’ve ended


Posted by P1an3tv0re 1 month ago Report

Always love to see your work!~♡

Its always so good!!~


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

Thank you! <3


Posted by Mankeyman0011 1 month ago Report

Will you ever do a rwby vore comic? I would like to see it in your style and your take on one


Posted by TheFreakingHatter 1 month ago Report

Looks amazing!!! I always love how you draw the prey's face like they've just...given up after a while


Posted by MrMetroid 1 month ago Report

Gonna try to be a bit more comprehensive with the review, starting with poses; others have noted it already, but love how you worked Ruby and Nora's poses to make them as compact as possible like a real stomach would. I am a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Neo sporting that double-meal gut from the outside, but that's just wistfulness and nitpicking to be honest, and it doesn't take away from the images that are here.

Likewise, others have already noted it, but I think you did great with the expressions. Neo's expressions in both shots fit the situation very well - in the first she's taunting and haughty over her opponents, while in the second she seems visibly smug both her expression and inviting gesture (though that near top-popping rack spilling out her leotard maybe just gave a king-sized boost to her ego XD). Nora's suitably moved from stunned to panic-stricken, and Ruby looks almost apologetic - like she doesn't want to give up but just doesn't have anything left in her.

Lastly, Neo's outfit and general build are very well-done - that corset of hers seems to be very popular in vore-scenes for a reason, given the way it can highlight the lumps and outlines in her belly like how it folds into her bellybutton. That also extends to the post-digestion shot as well - that small fold at the "equator" feels like it highlights how much of Neo's belly is pudge and how much is "food" since her still-full digestive tract seems to be building out a bit more. That said, I did kinda chuckle at how most of the mass seemed to go to her chest, though it feels like you did spread the weight out over her thighs and lower gut a bit (I even feel like Neo's face/cheeks got a bit rounder post-digestion, though that might be my imagination).

Now, in an attempt to *try* and be objective (which is hard since Neo's a personal fave to see as a pred), I will try and give some kinda critique (though it's honestly more nitpicking). The first would be that Neo in the starting image looks a bit thicker in the bust and thighs than I remember (though that assumes being exactly show-accurate was even the goal, and even than her new diet could justify the change if anyone really made a fuss on it). The second would be that, in the second image of Neo, I feel like those huge knockers would be pulling her coat taunt at the shoulders like a tent - the way the top of her boobs curve makes it kinda look like they're in front of her chest instead of part of it. Again, those are both more nitpicks than anything else though.

Hope this wasn't being too wordy. sorry in advance if it was. ^_^;


Posted by Keylimes 3 weeks ago Report

I always feel weird asking things like this, but will this ever be a colored piece? RWBY is such a vibrantly colored show, felt like asking, great work tho! Love your stuff <3