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Hi there! I'm a guy who loves vore and has mediocre art skills. I draw using a mouse (yes really), art tablet, and Photoshop, along with my trusty sidekick... Anxiety medication! :D
From me you can expect lots of female and catgirl preds, HOWEVER be aware I also like to do M/F vore ^^
I am also kinda friendly, so if you want to talk or something then shoot me a PM~ Just be aware that I'm very shy and anxious (;o3o)

My main girls: Beautiful tsundere Kirino Kousaka, playful little Chocola, ghost loli Acerola, and tsundere gormotti Nia~

Check out my friends, too (^-^)
 Datonenumbnuts  thicceater  Koolatter167

My avatar was drawn by the amazing  jaxbeef !

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...or Spirit blade in this case, I guess? Point is, after seeing the heart-to-heart "Kindness of blades" today, I can say that he'd probably be my spirit animal/blade/something.
For those who don't know what I mean and don't mind seeing minor Xenoblade 2 spoilers; here.

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Posted by nobbybear 3 weeks ago

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You’re very much welcome, and thank you for making said art. :]


Posted by Emperor_Palpatine 1 month ago

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You're welcome!

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Posted by Gabriel0813 1 month ago

thanks for the fave
commissions are open if your ever interested


Posted by sinsnail 1 month ago

Thanks for the watch ;v

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Posted by CadetMeow 1 month ago

Thanks for the fave!


Posted by drpolice 2 months ago

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Oh, yeah, I was aware, I got multiple messages about it. It was taken care of already anyway, I believe.


Posted by StormyRange 2 months ago

<< Reply To EndercreeperMugen

No problem! ouo


Posted by nnickerson100 2 months ago

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yee. tho my blade dancer might work as an exception primarily because he isnt uber masculine "infact he is borderline trap even" here is how he looks incase ya didnt know https://sta.sh/021zq6phmn8


Posted by nnickerson100 2 months ago

ayy i actuly have a reqest for ya. tho the reason i am requesting it and not commisioning it is for 2 reasons. 1 i dont have the money and 2 since it involves that self insert of your self ya drew vore of awhile back i am not totaly sure if commisioning a pic of your self insert with my blade dancer in his stomach "whom is losely based off yours truly" would constitute as prostitution "witch as far as i can tell is illigal where i am" while noramaly that last bit wouldnt be an issue in the case of a self insert like that it seems like it would be in a legal grey area if it were commissioned


Posted by ForeignSoviet 2 months ago

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Not a problem.

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Posted by CadetMeow 3 months ago

Thanks for the watch

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