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Hi there! I'm a guy who loves vore and has mediocre art skills. I draw using a mouse (yes really), occasional art tablet and Photoshop, along with my trusty sidekick... Anxiety medication! :D
Male preds are the best, and M/F is my top vore preference~ However, I do tend to draw more females (at least for now) but content involving male preds will still appear here! This sticks primarily true for my writing.
I am pretty much always up for meeting new people and friendly chats, so feel free to PM me. Just be aware that I'm often very shy and a bit anxious, so replies may not be instant.

All-time favourite pred: Silver-haired dork Len ❤
Main girls: Beautiful otaku Kirino Kousaka, tsundere gormotti Nia, playful little Chocola, and ghost loli Acerola~

My Eka's friends:
 Datonenumbnuts (Best buddy and master~ <3)  jaxbeef  calvinj100  lolcheese  thicceater

My avatar was drawn by my master,  Datonenumbnuts ~ The old one of Kirino was drawn by the amazing  jaxbeef !

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Wow I haven't used these in a while, eh? Not really had a need to until now, sooooo by obligation I kinda have to ^^; Funnily enough this was meant to be up yesterday but I didn't get the time to.
Making a long story short, my girlfriend (known here by her insert character; Miya) has returned from university for the summer! She'll be attending again starting this September, and quite possibly the year after as well. So that's one huge worry off of both of our shoulders, as for a while we weren't sure what would happen after she finished her first year at uni. This does mean that her and I will be spending lots of time together though, as the last time we saw eachother (not counting yesterday when...
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Posted by CadetMeow 1 month ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by mabeelz 1 month ago

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I'm really glad to hear, thanks ^^


Posted by MrGrimlock 2 months ago

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ah. i'll try resending it then.

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Posted by MrGrimlock 2 months ago

ello? you got my pm?

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Posted by NeonElf 4 months ago

Thanks for the fave!


Posted by rojo55 4 months ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by Silent_E 4 months ago

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by FableBambi 4 months ago

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Thank you so much! Same to you, I know the pain of using a mouse from the old days so you've got major strength!


Posted by noisekeeper 5 months ago

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No problem haha. I'm quite the Nia fan myself and your story was fun to read!


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 6 months ago

Wait, it's your birthday too?

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