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Yuffie's Midgar Meals By Badfurson -- Report

After dealing with that party of clowns out in the Jungles of Wutai, Yuffie found herself backtracking towards Midgar-albeit, rather slowly, given her newfound bulk. Much to her consternation, slogging through the wide expanse of desert that bordered the metropolitan Goliath on all sides failed to shed even a single ounce from her portly potbelly.

Breaking in through the scrapyard forced her once again into hiding, as her belly was agitated by a several story drop made in poor judgement; whilst she wasn't so gravid as to land on anything other than her catlike feet, Yuffie's stomach loosed a barrage of whale-like groans upon hitting the ground-frightening those in the slums as though some terrible monster had suddenly appeared nearby.

Once the neighborhood watch had determined nothing was amiss, and her stomach had calmed down some, Yuffie was finally able to continue into the city. It seemed as though most of Sector Seven had been demolished by a large portion of the city having collapsed-oddly enough, the damage didn't seem nearly as severe as she had been led to believe-but it was an obstruction that still forced her onto a detour through sector five and then onto wall market.

On her way through the area, she tried to maintain her composure; many of those not occupied with the labor of everyday life in the slums found their gazes drawn to the foreigner and her heaving gut. For once her odd manner of dress wasn't her most conspicuous trait, and she was finding it difficult to stick to the shadows in such a densely populated city. After some time, she managed to find somewhere everyone's attention was already preoccupied; some brat stood atop an upturned chassis was spouting anti-Wutai propaganda. Insinuating that they were aligning with local terrorists, of all things! While Yuffie knew her country held no love for Shinra after the war, there was no way they'd stoop to such dishonourable means to combat their oppressors; luckily, she sensed there would be ample opportunity confront the instigator and put a stop to her lies for good.

Sitting through nearly half an hour of falsehoods, Yuffie was able to tail her mark to an abandoned church outside the town-carefully darting across ramshackle rooftops barely capable of supporting her immense weight. Once she made it above her target, there was little time to waste; springing from the rafters, the girl had little time to even glance towards her attacker before she found herself engulfed down to the ankles-Yuffie's lightening fast ninja reflexes polishing her off in under a second. Inside her gullet, Kyrie found herself unable to do much more than squirm ineffectively-Yuffie's thick walls of fat easily confining her within the gastric chamber, even the sound of the outside world vanished behind the slick lining surrounding her.

On the outside, Yuffie knew that she would have to continue moving; far from the isolation of the jungles, it would be all too easy for someone to stumble upon her here in unfamiliar territory. It was all she could do to travel deeper into the city and hope that the girl would digest quickly enough that the fading movement would arouse little more suspicion than her gut already had. Stifling a belch, Yuffie lugged her gut back into the sunlight-glad at least that the weight wasn't nearly as difficult to bear as the previous attempt.

As she made her way through sector 5, she encountered yet another obstacle-clearly a member of that terrorist organization her earlier meal had described, who else would be so armed and armoured in an otherwise peaceful village? Yuffie considered her options: while anyone that spat in Shinra's eye was probably a friend, the methods of terrorists were deplorable-underhanded, and with no regard for collateral damage. The destruction of the sector she had visited previously was likely the result of a careless terrorist attack at the expense of the local citizens of the slums. No, there was only one thing she could do-it was her moral obligation to ensure that this terrorist would never be allowed to endanger anyone again.

Gliding up to the redhead as quietly as her jostling orb of a stomach would allow, Yuffie grabbed the woman and deftly pulled her into the nearby foliage and away from prying eyes. Seconds later, those same shrubs vibrated intensely-shedding half their leaves in the wake of the ninja's guttural eruption; lifting herself up a bit slower than before, Yuffie sighed. Her gut was once again the largest part of her body by far-not quite reaching the ground yet, but more than obstructing her movement by this point. It was peculiar, she noted-her already healthy stores of fat had created a sort of cushion around the people inside, almost cradling them as they attempted to do even so much as struggle in vain. It seemed the two happened to know each other-or, at least, OF each other-as a brief moment of stillness was interrupted by renewed flailing that bounced and wobbled her titanic belly every which way.

While it was certainly interesting to observe, Yuffie found that it didn't exactly feel comfortable-and sought somewhere she might be able to duck into and rest while she worked these two down. Wall Market was next on her list-a must see while visiting Midgar, her current predicament notwithstanding. She figured there might be somewhere she could board for the night-legally, or otherwise. Even a shop would do, if they were closed for the evening; unfortunately, in a city that never sleeps, finding a building that wasn't chock full of needy patrons was proving to be rather difficult.

The fact that Wall Market appeared full of the depraved and self-centered help keep curious eyes off her roiling midriff, long enough for her to stumble into a decorative looking building on the edge of town; it seemed to be a specialty service, and most importantly-it wasn't open at the current moment. Sliding to the ground after resting her back against the now locked door, Yuffie breathed a sigh of relief-resting her palms across her still squirming stomach.

Her eyes snapped open again at the sound someone clearing their throat, the light cough issued from the woman she had failed to notice upon entering the supposedly empty building. What was meant to be a quick-witted explanation was cutoff by queasy stammering as the taller woman leaned over and jammed the end of her folded paper fan into Yuffie's stomach with a raised eyebrow.

"My my, if you desired a massage so dearly-all you had to do was knock~"

Before the Wutain Princess could bring herself to argue, the masseuse brought Yuffie to her feet and herded her beyond a large paper divider; finding herself suddenly stripped to her undergarments and spread across a surprisingly comfortable table, her face a glowing crimson-Yuffie felt as though she were paralyzed by the forwardness of this strange woman.

"Now, my specialty is hands-but let's see what I have to work with~"

With that, the woman plunged her fingers into the expanse of flesh beneath her-eliciting satisfying Glorps and Groans from within the heaving mass; time seemed to slow to a crawl as the ministrations continued, kneading and caressing her stomach in toe-curling delight. It was all Yuffie could manage to prevent herself from launching into uncontrollable spasms, back arched and fingers gripping into the sheets below. Madam M smirked quietly, eyes roving over every inch of her... client's form.

She hadn't expected someone of the teenager's disposition to drop by unannounced, but what she had at first thought was one of the Don's goons had turned out to be a rather fascinating proposition. She could tell that the girl wasn't simply some fat pig-though she certainly was gluttonous-no, as she enticed lewd moans to dribble from the girl's lips, she could feel an unmistakable firmness within the gurgling cauldron. Somehow, this mysterious customer of hers had managed to devour not just one, but two individuals of a similar size-or rather, not quite so similar; her fingers sunk deeper into Yuffie's stomach, fondling what curves she could reach of the imbibed women within. Perhaps it had been a consumption fueled by jealousy?

No matter the reason, she was more interested in the method-acts of this nature was something she had only heard broached in old wife's tales, but to see it in person was entrancing! Feeling the constant vibrations, the ferocious heat, the slick wetness-

Madam M paused in her musings, confused by the sudden sensation creeping up her forearms; at some point, whilst she rubbed over the further edges of Yuffie's distended middle, the girl in question had seen fit to grasp the traveling fingers and deposit them into her drooling maw. Doubtlessly the act was driven completely by instinct, thoughtlessly drenching the masseuse's talented hands before pulling the rest of her downward. The low candlelight cast a shadow of Yuffie's belly that quickly grew, and then shrank agonizingly slowly as she dozed off in the now empty room.

While she slept, three women fought for space within the cramped organ: the smaller two thirds of her stomach occupants were already reaching their limits, thoroughly mulched by the time spent stewing in Yuffie's insides, further helped along by the cruel massaging brought about by the most recent entrant. As the hours ticked by, Madam M deeply regretted having humoured her curiosity-wondering why she hadn't simply kicked the girl back onto the street and went about her evening. Curled up within Yuffie's stomach, Madam M closed her eyes and tried to listen to the echoing noises surrounding her; even doomed as she were, there was something hauntingly beautiful about the rhythmic thumping and groaning of a digestive tract hard at work breaking them down.

Or rather, breaking HER down; the two unknown women that had previously shared the sweltering organ had effectively been reduced to a thick broth over the past few hours, conveying all too clearly what was in store for her. As the sound of liquids draining into the intestines began to fill her senses, Madam M drifted off to sleep-hoping that she wouldn't wake in time to witness her own inevitable digestion.

Yuffie paid heed to none of this, hardly recognizing having consumed the older woman at all, she lay within the now owner-less massage parlour in stunned bliss; arm wrapped around her motionless belly, drool leaking from the corner of her lips to stain the illustrious silk sheets below. As the candlelight dwindled, her turbulent tummy would smooth over, replacing the unsightly bulges of three former women with a magnificent tub of lard. Upon waking, Yuffie would be aghast to learn that her trip to Midgar had left her with a gut that made mockery of her previous weight-dwarfing her old potbelly by well over three times the size.

Merely standing up from her spot on the massage table made her want to cry; the immense heap of flab draping over her thighs nearly reached her feet, stopping only just above her lower calves. Even the sound of her shirt tearing, something that would normally have been music to her ears and sent her jumping for joy at no longer counting herself among those flat-chested, failed to lift the cloud of darkness that had settled upon her waistline. Her top had split in such a way that anyone interested would be afforded a clear view of her newly acquired cleavage, barely containing what it could-each breast a good deal larger than her own skull, threatening to finish the job and burst free from their confines.

Cursing the fact that she had never needed a bra in the past, Yuffie couldn't even bring herself to view the damage to her posterior; the last time she had eaten anyone, there had been barely any change to the rest of her figure-something she had lamented immensely. Now, as she felt that her shorts more resembled a thong, she couldn't help the feeling of despair that wracked it's way throughout her being.

This was Shinra's fault! Something about this wicked city had corrupted her, caused her to give in to indulgences she never would have been tempted by elsewhere! It was the only thing that made sense-she had to get out of this awful place, maybe then she would be able to get rid of some of this ungodly fat.

As thoughts of denial coursed through her head, Yuffie ambled her way down the main road of Wall Market, searching for the quickest way out of the city. Breaking out into the palest imitation of a jog the world has ever seen, the corpulent ninja heaved great labourious pants at the cost of keeping herself mobile. Every part of her body jiggled according to it's own rhythm, breasts flopping in and out of her field of view, belly fully impeding her ability to move her legs past it's flabby burden-even her butt proceeded to wobble endlessly, punctuating each step with a shuddering bounce that left her feet numb from the vibrations before long.

Barely able to keep above walking speed, Yuffie professed her ire to the tune of a series of hearty belches that her squeezing fingers failed to prevent from working their way out of her tumultuous middle. As sweat poured over her skin, the distraught teenager fought the sinking realization that she would never be able to outpace her newly empowered gluttony...

Oiya! A long-awaited sequel/followup to the previous series of events which saw Yuffie having downed Avalanche sometime during the events of disc 2; I figured with nothing to keep her on the main story, she eventually made her way to Midgar, and ended up wolfing down a few side characters.

Done up by  Ecchipandaa, as always~ I held off on posting this one for a while, since I wasn't terribly satisfied with the blurb I had written for it-I'm still not, but I wanted to put it up anyway. I may come back and replace the story with something else if I have time, but I hope this one is good enough for now?

First Part(s)!

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Posted by Adraphaia 1 month ago Report

That belly shape is an absolute DELIGHT really love this


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

My thoughts exactly~♥️


Posted by night22 1 month ago Report

goddamn grindaviking AND ecchipandaa? Fuckin ace


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Yeh, both did a great job of her~


Posted by Azieru 1 month ago Report

This belly of hers looks wonderful.


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Made of only the best ingredients~


Posted by Azieru 1 month ago Report



Posted by Draconatedz 1 month ago Report

Fantastic pic and story, though I find it a little odd Yuffie has no dialogue at all. She loved to talk smack in game, so it feels a little out of character to be so silent and action focused. Just a small criticism, it's still a very hot story.


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the read! I appreciate the critique, too; I actually had planned to have more dialogue for all involved characters, but I couldn’t come up with anything that really seemed to fit at the time. I meant to come back and add some in after I finished the main body, but kinda forgot before I posted it, heh.

I guess I could do that now-but, do you think that would disrupt what’s already there, to go back and make changes after the fact?


Posted by Draconatedz 1 month ago Report

It would be fine to change it now if you wanted to, I've done it plenty of times myself when I realized I made errors or changed my mind on something. I would love to reread the revision myself, as well.


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Righto, I’ll have a shot at that when I’m back at my PC, then! Thanks again, by the by-I really appreciate the insight~